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Anyone besides me think that Fluther should make an app?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) July 17th, 2011 from iPhone

Fluther is awesome but it’s kind of hard to get online and do all I need to do on my iPod. I think Fluther should make an app for the IPod and pad and phone. Anyone else think so, too?

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What’s this thing I’ve been using for two years on my iPhone, then?
When it starts up there’s a banner at the bottom saying “App by Magnetism Studios”.

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I don’t get apps. A web page designed for small screens works for all devices, no need to write separate code for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Which leads to the observation that Fluther development is frozen, there are no plans for any changes.

If your phone does not automatically go to the mobile Fluther web page (mine does not), then bookmark the mobile version:

Home page

Stuff for You

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I thought there was an appp…..

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I think there is an app…

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The ap is not as good as the mobile version.

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The app was removed since it sucked. I still wonder what a app could offer that the mobile site doesn’t. Maybe PUSH notifications. Seems like a waste of time to code for a marginal benefit.

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We did have one, but it didn’t work very well (not designed by us). The mobile site is a much better solution.

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I thought there was an apppp?

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