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What is the perfect temperature for coffee?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) April 30th, 2008

What temp should it be when it hits your lips?

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There is no good temperature for drinking it I think, it depends on how you like it. It’s different for infusion time also.

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I can honestly say I don’t know. I have never taken the temperature of my coffee.

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The temperature when it hits your lips is a personal preference. The critical temperature is the brewing temperature which should be about 200 degrees.

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Perhaps I should have been more specific. Do you prefer your coffee too hot to drink initially, so you can barely sip it? Do you like it just below throat-scalding? Or just barely warm? For the Starbucks fans, do you let your cup cool a bit after they hand it to you, or knock back a slug right away?

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Considering I usually either smoke or eat with my coffee…..I want it too hot when served, it’ll cool by the time I get through it. Otherwise it just gets cold before it’s finished.

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Er, usually with hot coffee, I want it not quite so hot that it hurts. At a shop, I sometimes wait a bit.

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