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Got an amazing battle story?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) July 17th, 2011

A night ago I was biking around without a helmet. I’m starting to learn why it’s a good idea to have one but until then I’m relying strictly on ninja skills to keep me alive.

We were racing around at medium speed when I hit a cement block in a parkade that I couldn’t see in the darkness. I saw it just a split second before I hit it and I tried to raise my front wheel over it but I wasn’t quick enough. I smacked into the cement block and was thrown forward over my handlebars. Everything paused. There I was eyes wide open, pavement calling my name ahead of me for a few feet and some grass about 3 meters away. Large neon letters descended in the darkness saying:

Colin vs Gravity. Death match. FIGHT!

Reality resumed and I was hurtling forward with my bike behind me slamming to the ground. I started to doggy paddle on approach with the pavement and luckily there weren’t (m)any sharp rocks or glass around. My arms and legs connected with the ground and I kept pushing forward with the momentum trying to keep my body from collapsing onto the hard cement. It was a short but aggressive battle to keep up and the momentum lasted maybe 2 or 3 seconds when finally I made it to the grass, tucked my head under my shoulder and somersaulted clumsily onto my back… then back up onto my feet. ;)

The bike survived too! What a rush. Would have to conclude that I loved it. No injuries, just some small scrapes and shrapnel that I had to pick out of the palms of my hands. No blood, no bruises that I can see. I didn’t even remember that it happened really until just now when I thought to post it somewhere.

Ever had a physical battle or challenge that went well when it could have gone extremely bad? Could you share a story?

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I totalled out a Honda 900CB and heavily damaged a few cars along the way. Can’t believe I walked away without a scratch. The bike crumbled. Haven’t been on another bike since.

This was a week after my cousin killed himself in the exact same manner as you describe @ninjacolin. His fate was sealed the moment he hit the cement block.

I’m pleased you survived unharmed.

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Sorry for your loss, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies. :(
Super sad news.

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Well thanks, but the 900CB should give a clue as to how long ago that was. Forgot about it until this Q.

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