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Japan over the US in women soccer, was it destiny for Japan or the chickens coming home to roost for the US?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26851points) July 18th, 2011

Fourth ranked Japan best the mighty US, could not beat them in 20 meetings, they say in football “on any given Sunday”, but then when it count the most, they win. Was it destiny that Japan won because they needed such a lift because of the earthquake and Tsunami or was it the chickens coming home to roost [karma] for the US because they didn’t exactly win clean the very 1st women’s World Cup?

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It was a soccer match. Sometimes the other guys (or, well, girls) win.

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Uh… it was one team beating the other. Why read into it?

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It clearly shows that Amaterasu is more powerful than the american god!

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Another reason why Obama will be a one-term president.~

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No. It was a simple soccer match. One team played better than the other.

I don’t understand the part about “chickens coming home to roost” explain please?

@satunnainen_narttu What on earth does Obama have to do with it?

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Nah, they won because they scored more penalties than you guys….gals.

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@Plucky @satunnainen_narttu What on earth does Obama have to do with it?

Because Obama was in charge when the American team failed to win.

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@Plucky The 1999 Women World Cup was a nail bitter that came to the shoot-out. It was fairly even as this one. If it had went through to a second series of kicks the players the better ones, for the US would not be able to participate in them. The pressure was on. The US had to make a stop then get the go ahead goal. The fifth kick the US goalie actually broke the rule, this part of the FIFA rule governing shoot-outs; which people mistakenly call penalty kicks.

[Rule say]
Each kick is taken in the general manner of a penalty kick. Each kick is taken from the penalty mark, with the goal defended only by the opposing goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must remain between the goal-posts on his goal-line until the ball has been kicked, although he can jump in place, wave his arms, move side to side along the goal line or otherwise try to distract the shooter.

She came off the line BEFORE the Chinese player kicked it. I was waiting for the whistle because the ref was no more than 12 or so yards away but he didn’t whistle it. By coming off the line that gave the US goalie just enough reach to cut the corner of the goal off from the Chinese allowing Brandi Chastain to put in the go ahead because the Chinese goalie did as she was suppose to and stayed put until the kick was made. Had they gone to a second series the better shooters for the US would have been out of it.

[Rule say]
No player is allowed to take a second kick from the penalty mark until all other eligible players have taken a first kick, including the goalkeeper.

If they could not get it done in the first five kicks they would have had to take five more with lesser players. I think the ref was intimidated to do anything that would have caused the US to lose on home soil so the whistle was silent.

Fast forward, we have a similar situation where it comes to a shoot-out, and because they didn’t follow the earlier shoot-out legally they might have stolen the game from the Chinese; karma is finally collecting its tally.

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“Coming home to roost”?

This was a footy match.

The US lost.

We’re all fine this morning, thank you.

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Because we blew the penalty kicks. No destiny, none of that. Just a little bit of choking on the penalties. The ref did fine, a hell of a lot better than the Brasil game’s ref did.

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I naturally wanted the US Soccer Team to win. But, I am not that upset, simply because Japan needed something to get their minds off the nuclear reactor problem.

Winning, did this for the people of Japan.

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US should have dominated that game. They pretty much destroyed Japan the whole game but they just couldnt score when it counted. They played real hard in the beginning and to conservative near the end.

I listened to the game on the radio so I didnt actually see it, but did Hope Solo fuck up her knee near the end? If so that would kinda explain why she let all those PK’s through.

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@uberbatman I watched it and I’m pretty sure it was just a cut and not very serious. She looked fine on the PK’s, they just beat her with good shots.

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@FutureMemory thanks for getting the joke :)

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@dverhey ahhh ok I couldnt really tell cause on the radio they were saying she was down for a while and all. PK’s are rough though I mean you really have to just straight guess which way that ball is going, no time to really react.

I used to hate soccer, listening to this game on the radio yesterday changed my opinion though :P

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Honesty, I would’ve been surprised if Japan didn’t win. I lived up on a very steep hill and I would see 5 year olds kicking their soccer balls up the hill with ease on their way home. If it was one of my kids the ball would’ve seen the bottom of the hill before it ever made it 20 feet up.
Soccer is a favorite past time over there.
Now if they beat us at football, than I would be surprised.
But I think they won fair and square.

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My commiserations to all Americans who give a shit, I know how it feels, we lost three WC finals…

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No fair! The Japanese women were doused with radiation, giving them super powers!

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