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Why has my laptop not had connection for 3 days?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) July 18th, 2011

Usually, my laptop is faster than any other computer in the house, but recently, for the past THREE days, I haven’t been able to connect to the internet. The main computer is working fine and so are all the other computers in the house. I tried restarting, moving closer to the wireless router, etc.
Any ideas on what the problem is?

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My last laptop had a tiny little switch that enabled wifi. Are you absolutely sure you don’t have such a switch that was…well…switched?

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… I FORGOT ABOUT THAT. The red part of that switch is supposed to be showing, correct?

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flip it and find out.

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Ok, I flipped it and I still don’t have connection. What gives?

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Hey, that was my entire computer expertise repertoire. Sorry I can’t do more.

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Does your windows have a diagnostic box you can click on?

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If your wireless laptop transceiver was turned off, you may have to right click on your wireless icon and select REPAIR. That usually re-establishes communication. On some of the older computers you may have to RESTART them to re-establish a connection. Also check your TCP/IP Properties to insure that “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” are checked. That should put you back on line. I would also do these changes with the laptop close to the router to insure that you have a good signal.

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I would recommend sending a PM to @johnpowell. He knows his shit.

so long as you haven’t found your way on to any of his lists . . .

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try unplugging the router wait 5 seconds then plug it back in then try again

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How old of a house? Sounds like a strange question but we had a wireless network in an old house and it wouldn’t work in some rooms. The walls were too thick and/or densely constructed.

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Personally, I have this problem about once a week, but that takes out the wifi entirely until I power-cycle my router.

On the rare occasions it’s just one computer (most often my laptop), I delete the network from my wireless settings, sign in again (entering the WPA2 key and all), and that does it.

Of course, that assumes that my wifi is even up and detecting networks…

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@jerv I had that problem with a Linksys WRT54g

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@Lightlyseared I’ve had that issue with a D-link and a Netgear and with multiple various wifi adapters across multiple systems with five different OSs, so I think it is something inherent in wifi.

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@jerv I don’t know. The router my current ISP porvided hasn’t needed to be reset once in 3 years (in fact I don’t think it’s been turned off) and always provides a perfect connection even in the coffee shop across the street.

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