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Can a boy have a girl's figure naturally?

Asked by Samant (183points) July 18th, 2011

Ignore my other questions, please! Can a boy have thick thighs, big bootie and be 36A-26–36 or closely naturally without being fat or using hormones? He would not be taller than 5’6”.

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There are disorders that screw with the body’s natural production of hormones, or the ability of cells to respond to them.

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How’s the swimsuit shopping going?

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No boy would have breasts naturally. (Unless he had a disorder.)

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He may not be using hormones but his hormones may be out of sorts. I would get it checked.
Of course the upper measurements could be quite normal since a guy can be large on top and taper off. Is his hips curvy or is it straight and he just has a big booty.
Big booties run in some families and the men and women can get them.
As for thick thighs it really depends. Is it muscle or fat. If its muscles than that can also be normal.

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I’ve seen boys that naturally appear more feminine and girls that appear more masculine. I have never seen a boy with a female pelvis shape. hour glass figure

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I am curious about your 36A bust size. Please understand that I am not trying to be puerile, but there is no way to ask without sounding blunt. Do you actually have breasts or are you just barrel chested?

There are some people who are born with ambiguous gender.

Do you identify as male? In short, putting aside genitalia for a moment, do you believe you are actually a female?

As a side note, I am wondering if your avatar is actually a picture of you. Your avatar appears to be female to me, and a quite attractive one, FWIW

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It is possible for a boy to naturally appear to be a girl minus boobs plus dick. I’ve met one way back in freshman year in high school, it sucked for him because initially he was getting hit on by a lot of guys, and when we found out he was a guy, he got a lot of flack for being a trap/freak/homo even though he was actually straight and not on hormones (if word of mouth were to be believed, then it turns out he born without fully developed genitalia, his parents wanted a boy so I guess they gave him testosterone to develop a penis but then as he grew, it was kind of made clear that nature intended for him to be a girl). He ended up going to home school to get away from all the torment, saw him one time since. Also I know my little bro is friends with a guy who looks like a chick as well.

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I have definitely seen boys/men who are decidedly pear shaped, and at first, I wasn’t sure if they were males or females. I’m guessing that those fellows have not taken any hormones and they are just naturally more soft in shape. Also, some men (usually ones who are overweight) develop man boobs (sometimes described as unwanted male breast tissue). But in your case, because you are very thin, it is unlikely that you would develop feminine looking breasts without taking hormones or getting implants.

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@FutureMemory I have found a few.
@Pandora Curvy hips and thighs of fat.
@YoBob I have “sorta small” gynecomastia. I’m exploring my “female” side, Yes, it is me made up. I’m kinda proud. lol

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That picture is you? I’m impressed. Definitely passable as a girl.

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