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If you could be any unnatural color, what color would you be?

Asked by redfeather (6502points) July 18th, 2011 from iPhone

I’d like to be a light teal with purple hair and lavender highlights. Mermaid-esque.

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Sky blue skin with no hair at all lol. Kind of like the guy on the Watchmen.

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I was just reading “You Suck” and there was a blue hooker. I’d pay extra for that. And if I was ever into being a hooker, blue would be perfect.

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So @blackberry and @Adirondackwannabe wannabe blue

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Seafoam green hair (and the carpet will match the drapes). Cream colored body.

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I was so excited when I saw your details, I want to be teal, too! Only I’d like soft orangey hair with some sea-foam highlights.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@redfeather Gives new meaning to “blue balls”.

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@JilltheTooth ooooh that’d be neat! The contrast would be pretty.

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Deep burgundy skin
Gold locs
Black eyes

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@JilltheTooth Lol…..Even in fantasy, gingers are still funny looking. Haha.

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Ooh, @Facade, I forgot about eye color.

I’d want very light, blue, almost beige, disconcertingly light eyes.

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@redfeather I don’t know why, but very light eyes freak me out! In a good way though; they’re beautiful

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I would be seashell pink, like the color inside of this.
My eyes would be violet and my hair would be silver/white.

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I’d want Tardis blue hair, deep violet eyes, and forest green skin.

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@Facade they freak me out too! That’s why I want them. It’ll make my evil eye that much better ;) same thing with very dark eyes. I remember some creepy kid thing in one of those X-Files type shows had dark black irises that almost took up it’s whole eyeball. Creeeeepy! Lol

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I’m thinking a late 1960’s psychedelic paisley.

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@redfeather Strange, that’s exactly what I want!

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@Facade really?! Let’s have staring contests and freak each other out!

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A pale yellowish brown.

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I’d like my skin to be liquid crystal like in a mood ring so everyone would know just by looking at me if I were approachable or if they should just stay the fuck away. ;)

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@SpatzieLover That’d come in nice and handy ;)
I’d be deep purple with bright blue eyes and long black hair.

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I am sooooo flat black.

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Seafoam green.

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Dark gray skin, dark red hair, bright green eyes.

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Skin would be pale purple, eyes would be dark purple, hair would be changeable at my whim.

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Neon red. I actually spent several days that color when I had an allergic reaction to a medication. I lit up like a Christmas Tree.

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Blue and Yellow ^_________________^

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Royal purple with soft pink eyes and ruby red hair. Damn I’m cute!:D

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I’d love to have bright white hair and white glowing eyes, and skin as black as night, kind of like a drow elf.

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I would be a bright vermillion with neon green hair and blueberry colored and scented hi-lights. And my nails will always be a pale yellow.

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@blueberry_kid That’s pretty damn funky. :)

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@Symbeline Yes, thank you, thank you, hold your applause.

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