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Why is this kitten trying to crawl in my ear?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40064points) July 18th, 2011

My daughter rescued a kitten from two dogs, and, of course, brought it here. The baby is a case! She has a LOT of personality (Any typos from here on out are HER fault) Anyway, she’ll stick her nose in my ear and start purring loudly and licking the inside of my ear…and she’ll try to push her nose in further and further till I pull her out…why is she doing that??

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Does she need kitten formula? Sounds o me like you need to run to the pet store for some supplies.

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She smells something tasty! (Your earwax)

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Teh kitteh searches for teh earwax.

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@SpatzieLover I’ve had cats all my life…this one is at least 8 weeks old. Old enough for dry cat food with, maybe, some water to soften it up.

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Maybe she wants to come out on the other side? Maybe you’re just reeeeeeallly tasty?

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Or maybe she thinks there is nothing to stop her from going in one side and out the other? IT TICKLES!!!!

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Because she’s trying to kill you with cute.

Seriously that is SO CUTE

Maybe she’s nuzzling in a kind of odd way? Dunno, but I’m jealous.

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Well….I’m willing to share @Mariah!

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Ear fetish? Just speculating…

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We lost Milo. He was the best cat ever. So cool. So fly.

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Sorry to hear that. RIP Milo.

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