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Who wants a party for our favorite Calendar Girl?

Asked by filmfann (50743points) July 18th, 2011

Aprilsimnel is in Mansion 30K! Let’s all give her a big fluther welcome!

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Holy crap! Congratulations!

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I love
I love
I love
My little calendar girl
Every day
Of the yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear!!!!!

Congratulations AS! You are a wonderful Jelly and I am so glad to read whatever you have to write. :)

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Congratulations @aprilsimnel :-)

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Aww, @KatawaGrey , I’ve been waiting for days to pull that out! Happy congrats, April fool! We need to do a meet up in the largest of tree fruits to drink champagne and celebrate!!!

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Cheerio to a pretty sweet lady!
Love your music knowledge and taste.
Enjoy your deserved partayyyy!!!

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Oh wonderful! I really like your comments and answers, so it’s no surprise that you’ve gotten to 30K. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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That’s a lot of lurve. Congratulations.

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Fanflippintastic!! Nice job @aprilsimnel. You’re one of the greatest jellie ever!

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WoW! Well deserved! congratulations!

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Congo Rats to a very cleaver jelly! You deserve to be here!

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Congratulations April! I like you :D

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Whoo hoo @aprilsimnel!

Hey, there’s bubbler on the third floor right outside the 30K fitness room just for you!

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@aprilsimnel Come On Down! Step on over to the TV set that we built just for you down at the ranch, ‘er I mean the mansion. Now throw on your best Laura Petrie capris and let’s get this party started. Oh, you won’t actually be starring in the show you’ll be writing it. The name of this new show is called the Fluther Chronicles. You get to decide whether it’s a comedy, a drama or a tragedy. This is your show!

Thanks for giving us all another chance to bust out the Asti Spumante and Virginia Ham!

And don’t worry if it seems like somebody is watching you (well we are) but it’s just those Northern Spys! For your baking pleasure, we’ve brought in Paula Deen, Guy Fieri and Martha Stewart to show you and the rest of us how to make a flaky pie crust! Woot!

And don’t worry about “How to talk to strangers at parties?” This is a Fluther party. Despite the fact that you may have never met any of us in the flesh, there are NO strangers at this party. Have a great time and write about it!

Maybe you could actually write a screenplay about the REAL social network that is Fluther

Congratulations on getting to 30K (I didn’t think the counter even went up that high)

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WOW 30k! Your amazing @aprilsimnel congratulations!!

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Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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OMG! You rock. 30 thousand cheers..\o/ \o/ \o/ and Congratulations!

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Happy 30K! Wow…how many Aprils has it been?

Congrats, you are one of the frequency holders here, like the month of April, subtle but very present. :-D

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Welcome, Dah-ling. We only drink the finest champale from only the very best ceramic stemware here in club 30K. Not to mention Dale’s Bait Shop’s finest caviar. So I guess what I’m trying to say is CoNgRaTuLaIoNs!

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Super congratulations, April! I’m not even halfway there yet. Have some champagne and chocolate, and celebrate!!!!!

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Nice work!

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@syz – Thank you! For the love of all that is holy!
@KatawaGrey – Heee! Hee! I love that song! Thank you!
@stardust – Aw, thanks. I’ll have what you’re having!
@JilltheTooth – That we do, m’dear. That we do! Thanks for being such a cool Jelly!
@rebbel – The DJ’s putting Bowie on now, how about that!
@tedibear – Yay, you’re here! Thanks so much for your kind words!
@bkcunningham – It is a lot of lurve! Thank you!
@cprevite – Aw, go on, now. I’d say that about you, first! Thank you!
@Dr_Lawrence – Thank you so much. That’s flattering coming from you, Doc!
@filmfann! You know you’re one of the coolest, right? Right? Thank you (and thanks for getting the party started)!
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – I like you, too, FB! Thank you! Hugs for my fellow Ted Leo fan!
@SpatzieLover – Yah know, dere, Spatzie, dere ain’t no bubblers out here. And no pop! You’ve gotta send me some decent pop. They just got this “egg cream” stuff! ;) Thank you!
@Kardamom, if Aaron Sorkin could write the Social Network, I could at least write The Fluthuring: Jellies, Too – Electric Boogaloo! Thank you!
@shego, that’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you! Have a canape.
@Vunessuh – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And then some! :D
@YARNLADY – * * * Y * O * U * ’ * R * E * * * A * W * E * S * O * M * E * ! * ! * ! * * * *
@AmWiser, thank you! You rock too!
@Coloma, thanks! Sure and steady, sister. That’s just how I roll.
@AstroChuck – You know, reading your comments was what kept me here. You’re the coolest six year old EVER!
@WillWorkForChocolate! Aw! It’s the 70% cacao, my favourite! You really know how to treat a pal! Thank you!
@Nullo- Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

Oh, hey, it’s Jon Hamm over there! He wants to see me alone for a little bit! I’ll be back. We’re gonna go, uh, um, “talk about a screenplay”!

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Congrats on the big three zero K, and have a great date with that lucky guy from a series set in the 60’s!

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Oh, hey. Well done, you. You know you are one of my favorite Jellies.

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Late again, as usual. Congratulations to a great and well-deserving jelly. You are a big part of the community and your answers are always wise. I love having you in the 30k club!

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Way to go, April :)

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Hey! Way cool! Congrats on the 30 Grand!! What an achievement!

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Yay! Congrats @aprilsimnel!

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Ah…Congratulation, @aprilsimnel ! You’re so adorable…

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That’s big. Actually, it’s HUGE!! Congratulations! You are much liked!

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I was stalking you all day yesterday to throw this party and I missed it! Congratulations, you came here about the same time I did and I’ve always thought you were the voice of reason. Pary on!

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Wowzers. Congrats!

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Congratulations!!! :)

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Félicitations, @aprilsimnel! You’ve made it to the island! And if I recall correctly, you get your own star now as well.

But remember: it can’t be the moon.

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30,000! Holy Crap I usually notice when people are getting close. Congratulations to one of my favourite jellies.

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@aprilsimnel Congratulations on 30K. It’s been really wonderful seeing your contributions to fluther.

As usual, there is some confusion about where 30K people go to. There is no mansion. It is an island. And you get your own villa and your own beach boy (or girl, if that is y our preference), and you can find a beach that fits your specifications for perfection. The drinks are free, if you’re into that, and so are other forms of mind-bending, including dancing and yoga and etc.

So welcome! I still visit every once in a while, but I prefer the calmer environment I find at 40K—in the artists colony—which is open to non-artist jellies as well, of course.

Enjoy! You deserve it!

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@aprilsimnel : A hearty Hawaiian “Ho’omaikai!” to you on this momentous accomplishment!

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30K! Holy moly, that’s awesome! Congratulations @aprilsimnel!

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Whoa! That’s a lotta lurve by your name! You are so smart and funny, I can see why you make the big (lurve) bucks. Congrats!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats to you! 30k is a mighty impressive hunk of burning lurve!

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Oh, yay! Congrats @aprilsimnel! You deserve to be famous… and so you shall. :D

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Congratulations @aprilsimnel on your 30K of lurve! Amazing work.

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Hey, you’re no April fool & for that you get my congratulations ;¬}

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Congratulations @aprilsimnel!

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Congratulations :)

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@Brian1946 – Thank you!
@Seaofclouds – Thanks so much! :)
@Judi – I’m always glad to see you here! Thank you!
@tinyfaery – You’re one of mine, too! Thanks so much.
@marinelife – Coming from you, that means a lot, since you’re definitely one of the wisest I know. Thank you!
@FutureMemory – Thank you!
@Cruiser – Thanks, guy! I appreciate it.
@Facade – Aw, thanks, sweetie!
@Your_Majesty – Adorable? Really? Thank you.
@chyna – And stalking too? My, I am popular. Yes, let us party on! Or parry. Whichever. Thank you!
@roundsquare – That what I said. Thank you!
@lucillelucillelucille – Thanks, Lucille!!! :D
@SavoirFaire – Merci beaucoup! J’aimerais beaucoup comme une étoile!
@tranquilsea – Aw, thank you! It’s OK, you’re here now!
@wundayatta – I’m glad to know you’re out there, somewhere, feeling peaceful! And thank you.
@DrBill – Thanks, doc!
@hawaii_jake – Thank you! And in Hawaiian, yet. Golly!
@ANef_is_Enuf – I know, I’m pretty stoked! Thank you!
@Blueroses – Aw, thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say.
@Lightlyseared – 30K is pretty well done, isn’t it! Thank you!
@rooeytoo – Thanks. Just send up the Tim Tams, is all I ask.
@augustlan – Girl, you know I haven’t enough words in my vocabulary to thank you.
@Bellatrix – Thank you!
@ucme – You’ll be here before long. I’ll make sure there’s some Strongbow in the fridge when you get here! Thanks!
@wilma – Thank you so much!
@Blackberry – Thanks, guy!

Breakfast on the deck, everybody! Good morning!

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Nice! Congrats to a really swell jelly.

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Hey @aprilsimnel Congrats on the 30K! Maybe now you can tell us what that name means.
April’s I’m Nel? April sim Nel? April…. I get so confused.
Enjoy the Fluther stratosphere.

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WOOOOOO! Congratulations, @aprilsimnel! Well deserved – I always like reading what you have to say.

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Congratumalationitory @aprilsimnel !!

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April on the island. It just has a perfect feel.

Congratulations on the 30K, and I like forward to many more fresh-as-spring posts from you!

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30k is seriously awesome! Congratulations!

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Yahooooooo!!!! Congrats, lady! 30k is caaarazy!

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Congrats, @aprilsimnel. I like your posts. For real.

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We love you. We really, really love you! :)

You were one of my favourites from the get-go. Still are.

I love your love of music, all things Bri-ish, your love of Kids in the Hall and Husdon Bay blankets. :) I love your well thought out answers, your sincerity and your humour!

Congrats, my friend!

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Whoa… 30K? Salute!

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see ^ what I did there? You know.. ‘salute’ to the flag, and ‘salute’ to accknowlege an accomplishment? aah forget it...

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April is my favorite month :)

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I am way late, but super happy congrats! You’re an awesome jelly and 30k is a most impressive milestone. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe- Gee whillikers, thanks!
@worriedguy Thanks! This is Mrs April Simnel, portrayed fetchingly (here at 1:27) by my favourite Python.
@Seelix – Yay, you made it! Thanks so much! I’m glad to be able to add something here!
@erichw1504 -I thank you for you propitous articulation of kudos.
@picante – With compliments like that, I see a great future for you here, young Jelly! Thank you!
@Bluefreedom – Thank you! It’s good to see you here, sir!
@redfeather – Well, now I’m tickled pink! Thank you!
@cockswain – Thank you. That’s just nice to know.
@Jude – Well, old Jelly buddy, we can talk about the good ol’ days. When it was dogpile on 90s kid or when you were jmah… Thank you so much for making my experience here so positive!
@rOs – Aw, that’s so cute! At ease, @rOs! Thank you.
@bob_ – Thank you! You’re sweet! Now go to Cousins’ on Oakland and Locust Streets in Milwaukee and get me a ham, turkey and (extra) provolone with lettuce (romaine, not that iceberg crap), tomatoes, a little mayo, oil and vinegar and oregano on the house roll. Untoasted. Thank you. Of all the sandwiches in the world, that’s the one I miss having. @SpatzieLover can drive you, right, Spatzie?
@MissAnthrope, you are another that it just wouldn’t be Fluther without. Thank you so much.

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@aprilsimnel Um, can I just write you a check? Milwaukee is kind of out of my way.

SpatzieLover's avatar

We do have really good sandwiches here Roberto

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Ooohhh . . . super late to this one, uh, how about NEE!!!

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@Blondesjon We are noo longer the knights who saay NEE! We are noow the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-putang-zooom-boing!

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I’m really behind the times – good thing I didn’t start another party for you! You are a great Jelly and a thoughtful and dear, honest person. I wish you to have lovely things in all your life, in addition to the 30k mansion keys.

Mazel Tov, darling!

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Congrats, congrats, congrats @aprilsimnel! I remember making your 20k thread, it seems like such a short time ago! You’re one of my favorites around here, and it’s definitely a well deserved achievement! :-)

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Hey @aprilsimnel Thanks for explaining the derivation. I can rest now.

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Cheers, mate.

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@aprilsimnel If anyone deserves the “Sweetest Jelly” award, it’s you. Sweet, smart and funny. What a combination! Lurve you girl. Congrats! =)

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Sorry to be late….. However….. gefeliciteerd!!!!

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belated Congratulations!!!

aprilsimnel's avatar

OMG, I forgot all of you on the bottom!

You’re like the fruit in my cup of yogurt! You know that, right? ::hug!mwah!::

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