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Any help--Can't copy songs from itunes to ipod?

Asked by roselina (4points) July 18th, 2011

I have a new computer and installed itunes and music. However when I connect my ipod it shows up but I cannot transfer songs from itunes to it. What is the cause of the problem and possible solution?
Thank you for any help!!!

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are you trying to sync it or manually add songs?

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Is the ipod unlocked? Is itunes authorized to your account? How are you trying to do it, manually or just pressing sync? What OS are you on?

All of this is easily answered at the apple website.

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I want to sync it.

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Just search on the apple website how to sync it

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It’s because your iPod can only be synced to one computer at a time unless you enable the Manually manage music and videos option from under your iPod’s summary tab. However, this method of syncing is much different from having iTunes automatically sync content for you.
So in order to sync your iPod with the new iTunes you’ll need to copy the music from your iPod over to your new PC and then erase and sync it.

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Is it possible that you have a different iTunes account for the iPod than the one you use for the iPad?
Technically, they should still transfer (as far as I know) but might not play. But since I have never owned an iPod, I cannot say for certain.

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