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Should FOX lose its FCC licenses?

Asked by zenvelo (36700points) July 18th, 2011

News Corp. subsidiaries paid off police officials in the UK for tips on surveilling politicians, celebrities, the royal Family, and victims of crime. That appears to be a violation of US laws against foreign corrupt practices. If the US executives knew about the practice, should the FCC pull their licenses?

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The punishment should be in accordance with the law. If it’s standard for the FCC (which is, AFAIK, an unrelated agency) to pull licenses in the wake of such actions, then so be it. But I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to be them doing anything – if the FCPA has any bearing at all. Fox has bright people working for it who would be slow to wager the entire company on the hope that nobody would catch this alleged illicit behavior.

In short, keep your party hat in the drawer; News Corp. isn’t going down so easily.

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Yes. This Corporation should be held to the same standard the USA has held other corporations to.

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Is there evidence yet that any of the Murdoch properties broke the law in the US ?
There would be a matter of jurisdiction, if the crime didn’t happen in the US, there would be no repercussion from FCC.

I think @Nullo is correct, the FCC would probably not be the authority to take action in these cases.
The FCC doesn’t seem to enforce much unless you have set up a rogue micro-transmitter or show a nipple.
More likely it would be the FBI or some other component of homeland security.

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The FCC has very little power here, since most of FOX’s stations are on cable.
The worst that can happen for them is that Murdoch will go to jail, and he will lose control of FOX. FOX will go on, like the Frankenstein monster it is, without its creator.

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Oh, the joy of thinking about it.

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They probably should but they won’t. Media is big business and too powerful I think.

In reality, let’s face it, FOX isn’t the quintessential example of fair and balanced news reporting by any stretch of the imagination. (They totally suck)

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I, for one, hope that it stays; it is one of the very few instances of media that isn’t controlled by the Left. No, you don’t see any bias in the media because it aligns with your own POV. It’s more obvious over here.

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@Bluefreedom, they probably should but they won’t

I don’t care how powerful these schmucks are, they must be dragged into the light to answer for their crimes. We need to keep our eye on these organized criminals; just look at how they play spy and doctor, and don’t listen to misleading SPIN CONTROL.

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@Nullo Bear in mind that our Liberals are generally more conservative than what passes for Conservative in most places that don’t qualify as a banana republic.

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@jerv I do bear that in mind. I don’t want to see us become any more liberal (as a whole) than we already are.

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@Nullo So you want us to be the most conservative place that holds free elections? I’ve seen us heading down the path to being the next Iran, so I am concerned.

That said, I value the fact that Fox News has the freedom to be so far to the Right. The First Amendment allows for that, and I think their pompous bias is a small price to pay for having the right to say “fuck”.

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@jerv Aw, and here I thought that we didn’t believe in the slippery-slope argument.
My primary concern is for the moral end of things; we could stand to be more conservative with regards to the perception and treatment of language, drugs, sex, and right behavior, for instance. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy where we are. I would be an economic liberal, except I don’t think that anything like that would work; I’m all for helping the poor and disadvantaged, but I think that it is better for things to be earned rather than given. Besides that, funding a massive welfare program is impractical, at best.
I don’t think that we should be making many laws in any of these regards, since law-making just encourages people to be more clever about breaking them. What I want is a change of heart, a change of culture. The media is balanced sufficiently leftwards to make this difficult.

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@rOs. I agree with you. They should be held accountable.

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@Nullo Huh? I was thinking mere trend analysis. Put another way, if a car is going fast and pointing straight at a tree, then it either has to change velocity (either stop or turn) or it will hit the tree. We can’t stop, and the direction we are heading in means that either we have to change direction or

I honestly think that many of the problems we have in those areas are the result of repression and backlash. I have seen vegetarians snap and eat an entire 22 pound turkey. I have seen people fail at quitting smoking and wind up puffing more than they did before they attempted to quit.

And if you are for things being earned rather than given then how can you not despise the anti-welfare state we live in where the rich are given unearned money solely because they are rich, thus causing their wealth to snowball while more and more people slide downwards?

I also want a change of heart, but I see things tipping too far in the other direction towards callousness, elitism, intolerance, willingness to forfeit our rights for a false sense of security…

Lastly, when you are on the North Pole, everywhere else is South. Likewise, when you are far enough to the Right, it seems like everyone else is way off to the Left.

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