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Will Grand Theft Auto 4 be released for the Wii?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) April 30th, 2008

Or, are the graphics too intense for the Wii?

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I don’t think it will. Its conceivable that they could tone the graphics down but it would probably be a large undertaking. The game would also lose some of its visual style that way too.

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I think a wii version would lose the purpose of the game. This game is visually awesome and I don’t think rockstar will want to sacrifice that.

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srsly no. i don’t think so.

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This is interesting and relevant:

It also looks like Rockstar are doing something to try and support the Wii – they released Table Tennis (kinda lame), Manhunt 2 (haven’t tried it) and Bully Scolarship Edition (haven’t tried it) so there is at least something between them these days. You would think with Manhunt 2 and Bully Nintendo are losening their reigns a little bit.

Maybe not GTA4, but who knows if a spinoff will get released.

I’m not a huge GTA fan either way.

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No, in short.

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It would be a great idea. But Rockstar haven’t released any of the GTA’s for Nintendo’s home console’s before due to their “younger” crowd (I don’t agree :) ) but it would also be a step too far for some anti-gamers because you would have to literally point a gun at a guys face, or ‘steer’ into pedestrians. This level of involvement would be harshly condemned, and sadly I must agree with everyone else in that no. It’s highly unlikely.

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Unlikely, I don’t see how Rockstar could pull it off even if they wanted to.

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