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How can I design a unique wedding invitation?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) July 19th, 2011

Hi for all of my friends at As you may remember, I’m getting married. I would like to design my own wedding invitation, something genuine and unique. I saw a ready-made invitations and it seemed NOT personal enough. Any ideas?

I thought to take one good picture of us and make it like a cartoon.
I know it is only invitation and nothing more, but I do think it should be something people may remember as a good one.

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Have you already been to an invitation store? There are thousands of unique ideas.

Some people send their invites in a bottle like a message in a bottle, some have a dressed up messenger hand deliver them.

Your imagination is your only limitation here…and your wallet, of course.

I created my own, and they were creative.

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I had a lot of friends who did this. Some even asked the cops to show up at the door to deliver it while others went to the fire department and ask them to do it for them while entering on the windows. It took a lot of time to get them convinced to do it, when the cops couldn’t receive nothing for it the fire department had to be paid for the maneuver and it wasn’t cheap.
The most troubling thing here is what you see as creative.

Not to mention what @SpatzieLover said. It’s about your wallet too.

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This question would have worked better on social section.

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Anything that has your personal touch will be memorable and valued by your friends.

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An ex-colleague of mine sent everyone in the office a group invite by hiring a singing telegram guy dressed as a bride… he gave out printed reminders in the form of paper garters after warbling a tune in falsetto. It was sheer genius & definitely a memorable invite!

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How about jigsaws sorry cant provide proper link as phone is being stupid and wont let e copy n paste link. But if you type in jigsaw wedding invites it should show u them xxx good luck xxx

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