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What is your Favorite beer?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 30th, 2008
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Newcastle is great. Import and it is expensive.

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Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

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blue moon and sierra nevada pale ale

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oh oh and fosters and corona. almost forgot them.

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Depending on my mood. Stella Artois, Pilsner Urquell or Guiness.

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat lager

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corona, moosehead, alexander keiths, the beer that he restaurant Les 3 Brasseurs makes, pilsen, goldstar

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Samuel Smith Imperial Stout

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Chimay Rouge, but only when I’m traveling on expense account. It’s like $8 a bottle.

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moylan’s kiltlifter!

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It is a mood thing….variety is a good thing.

Buttface from CB & Potts is tasty.

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Abita Amber and Abita Turbodog

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never drink beer but if have to its the honey brown – little heavy but I like the taste

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there’s an amazing raspberry beer that comes in a wine bottle. Whole Foods has it. I like mild fruity beer like Pyramid Apricot and blueberry.

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Sam Adams is the shit. I recently tried summer ale and all i can say is YUM. My favorite would have to be October fest. Im also a big fan of cherry wheat and sam adams light.

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Nothing beats an ice cold Cerveza Pacífico

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When it’s hot out, I enjoy a nice MIchelada, with a beer like Sol.

Otherwise, Newcastle or Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale.

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Oh no, I knew I’d eventually see this question. I’m not sure where to even start. And, I don’t think of myself as very knowledgeable about beer, but I certainly know what I like.

To begin, I love me some hops. And there seems to be a trend of sorts leaning towards “hoppy” beers. Ljs22, mentioned Bells “Two Hearted” which is a great introduction to hops. From there step up to Bells “Hop Slam.” More hops, more fun. Recently I’ve tried one out of Wisconsin by the name of Bitter Woman. But, I don’t know who brews it. My personal face is only found in Minnesota—Furious by Surly. Mmmmmm. I can’t say enough good things about this beer. Bitter? He’ll yes. But with loads of citrus and a hint of caramel.

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It’s got to be “FREE BEER”. Don’t care what it is, It always taste’s better if it’s FREE!

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Summertime beers:

For those of us in the Midwest: Bell’s Oberon: “An American wheat ale brewed with Saaz hops. Spicy and fruity, Oberon is the color and scent of a summer afternoon.” Somehow, it really does smell like a summer afternoon.

And on the West Coast: Pyramid Curveball: “Inspired by the traditional Kölsch style beers of Cologne, Germany, Curve Ball boasts a clean, crisp slightly herbal taste and a lighter body.” Tasty.

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and pw’s so right: a michelada’s the thing for hot afternoons

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Yowza. Bohemia rocks too! As does Modello.

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Milwaukee’s Best

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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Fat Tire are my two favorites. And I always enjoy Jubelale when it is available.

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Lowenbrow is good I had it in Germany.

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Wasn’t that a low-brow beer in America, circa 1980’s?

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I can’t commit every single time this question is asked I have a new favorite. Now it is Old Rasputin. I guess that’s the joy of life. Sampling different flavors all the time. Guys you should never commit to only one beer. Beer is like art experience it all. Open your mind and your mouth.

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pabst blue ribbon. me and my homies lived in a shack in oregon. we called it the pbr ranch or poor boys ranch. you can live off pbr and pizza.

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@gooch, exactly. It is kinda nice living in the Napa Valley of beer.

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Gunniess Extra Stout!

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Had a Boddingtons last night…..enjoyed it.

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Guinness Extra Stout

Sorry about the spelling, but between the Guinness and the iPhone I have no hope!


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I like beer medley. Trumer PIls is good with Guiness.

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I’m another Guinness lover, but I also love Sacramento Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout. We have a lot of good local microbrews in Northern California.

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Sam Adams White Ale

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How could I forget about my REAL favorite. Perhaps it’s because Hitachino Nest is so hard to find. The White Ale is the shizznit.

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Russian Empirial Stout

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modelo dark, becks dark, bass ale, guiness stout (not draft), dos equis dark, leinenkugel bock out of wisconsin

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I will be drinking any/all of these tonight at the Busters on 28th Anniversary Party.

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Hefeweisen, Blue Moon, and right now i’m feeling Pacifico

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