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In which Star Trek film does the Enterprise crash?

Asked by victord66 (201points) July 19th, 2011

I’m trying to find in which of the Start Trek films the Enterprise saucer section crashes into the woods. I believe that Ryker and Data are in this one.

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Star Trek Generations (the first movie with the Next Generation cast). Its towards the end of the movie, they have to evacuate the rear of the ship onto the saucer section, then separate them, then they lose orbit as a result and crash into the planet.

Enterprise D ........... Geek moment over.

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@tedd is correct. It also crashed in several other films, including Search for Spock (3), and The Voyage Home (4).
no bloody A, no bloody B…

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@tedd Jeez, who are you dude? You’re knowledgeable in politics and then Star Trek too? Ok, if you would indulge me, in which Star Trek movie was the line, “Time is the fire in which we burn” was said? Heh.

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@filmfann it did not crash in 4. In fact, it didn’t even exist until the very end of 4. The original Enterprise crashed in 3, and the crew commandeered the Klingon ship, which they used for the majority of 4. At the end of 4, the crew was given command of a brand new ship, the Enterprise-A.

Original crashed in 3 (Search for Spock).
A was never seen destroyed, but was due to be retired at the end of 6 (The Undiscovered Country)
B was never seen destroyed (never seen at all, except the beginning of 7 (Generations) ).
C was presumably destroyed (off camera) after the events of the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.
D crashed in 7 (Generations).
E is the “current” ship, last seen in 10 (Nemesis).

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@mazingerz88 “Time is the Fire in which we burn” was also said in 7 (Generations), first by Dr. Soran, and then later quoted by Picard.

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And just for the geek trifecta, the quote @filmfann was trying to refer to, but misquoted, was by Montgomery Scott, in the episode “Relics”. The quote was “N C C 1 7 0 1. No bloody A, B, C, or D!”. He only said bloody once.

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It only crashed in Generations (the second worst Star Trek film after ‘2009’)
There was no Enterprise in 4, just the Klingon B’rel-class Bird of Prey, and the Constitution-class Enterprise exploded in 3 due to self destruct. It did not crash.
You COULD say that the Sovereign-class Enterprise crashed in nemesis, if you count ramming it into Shinzon’s Scimitar Warbird as a crash.

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I have obviously been out-geeked.
Ya, I was thinking about the Bird of Prey crashing in 4.
In 3, it was set to self destruct, which disabled it, but I clearly recall it making land-fall. Kirk looks at it entering the atmosphere, saying “What have I done?”
It also crashed into another ship several times, during a TV series episode, each time destroying it.
And Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was the worst of the ST films. Directed by Shatner, and about looking for God.

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I am beyond nerdgasming here. I quit smoking a month ago and this is the first time I’ve really needed a cigarette!

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