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Do you think aliens have ever visited Earth?

Asked by cockswain (15236points) July 19th, 2011

Why or why not? If yes, do you think they’ve abducted anyone ever, or helped direct the construction of pyramids or anything like that?

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Sure, in bacterial form… but if you’re asking about sentient beings like you and me… nope.

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I think there is sufficient evidence to entertain that hypothesis.

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Nope. I’ve never seen any credible evidence to support the hypothesis.

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I’d love to say yes because it’s a much more interesting proposition. But no. Sorry, no. Nazca Lines notwithstanding.

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There are some who are even now languishing in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Arizonian tent prison. ;-)

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Yeah, they come to take jobs… the cash they send home is almost half of the Alpha Centauri system’s GDP!

Seriously, though, I sincerely doubt it.

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I like @ragingloli “sufficient evidence to entertain that hypothesis”
—entertainment; party talk; let-your-imagination-go-wild stuff.
Beats blaming everything we don’t fully understand on God.

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Wait a minute, @dabbler. Are you saying that God and aliens are mutually exclusive?

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I must agree with @wundayatta and @Jeruba not enough credible evidence, but it would be very interesting to find out that we’re wrong and they were here before!

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Of course. They make very pleasant dinner guests and always bring excellent wine from their home planet. Careful though, its a bit stronger than the wine we’re used to here on Earth.

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I’ve never understood why people can’t just marvel at the ingenuity of the ancients. “The human brain couldn’t possibly have conceived this complex structure” and soforth.

I never got how ‘space aliens built this’ can be a more plausible explanation.

I just don’t get excited by aliens as a concept. It doesn’t spark my interest.

Now, Vampirates on the other hand….

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Yes. I believe an alien life form was the spark that started life on earth and there are just way too many inexplicable events that only alien involvement would explain and she loves to drink all my red wine when she visits!!

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yes, we are here in search of intelegent life, have you seen any?

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Another question: why do they seem fascinated with our butts?

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@DrBill Check the mice.

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I don’t believe that any physical extraterrestrial life form has ever visited earth in a traditional type of flying saucer spacecraft. I don’t believe there is any other physical life form in the universe aside from what we have here on earth.

However, I have much belief in inter-dimensional sentient beings that we wouldn’t, couldn’t recognize as such no matter how hard we tried. These beings are not Grok-able by humans to the degree of any sufficient description or categorization.

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I think fungi might be aliens.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies your use of the word Grok just gave me a nerdgasm.

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Unlikely. Our universe is just that big.

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@FluffyChicken We’ll have to nergasm together then… cause the whole “fungi might be aliens” is a Terrence McKenna rap that I’m quite familiar with and mostly in agreement. But, over the years, McKenna had changed his position from the fungi actually being the alien, to the fungi just being the physical mechanism the alien uses to propagate its essence throughout the universe by use of spore transports. The actual alien is an inter-dimensional being that uses the mushroom to be known. And they are responsible for the monkey becoming human, because evolution kicked in high gear when the monkey came down from the trees to forage food on the ground. Those who ate the mushrooms were instantly transformed with better eyesight and extreme horninessinesses.

The mushroom was actually the forbidden fruit in the biblical fall.

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Hell yes Stoned Ape theory!! I think the Mana of Exodus may have also been a fungus.

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If aliens have visited Earth they would likely make their presence known to more than just a few unfortunate people. They are made to look like cooks. Why do the aliens not provide any real evidence that they have visited Earth? Because they never have.

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They are not aliens just brothers from another planet.
We should keep in touch more often.

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“_They are not aliens just brothers from another planet. _”
So you can not have sex with them? Unlucky you!

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Okay, fuck that druid shite, stonehenge was built by alien beings intent on playing football.
I know this to be true coz Mickey Rooney chronicled the event in his diary.

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Well ever since I read the book, Chariots of the Gods, I have been less skeptical. I really believe that when you look up at the sky and see all those stars, it is arrogant to believe that we are the only ones or the smartest, most advanced.

So I think it is possible, but that is about as far as I will go.

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@gondwanalon They are made to look like cooks.

I have NEVER seen an E.T. working the kitchen of any restaurant I’ve been to.

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@ragingloli I’m sure even if I wanted to someone had a different saying here and she’d mind .

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Yes, I think aliens have and are still living on earth.. Look around at all you see then look in a mirror.. THE ALIENS ARE US!!! (even the bible attests to that with the fall of adam/eve.. where do you think THEY fell from?).

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@Jeruba “God and aliens are mutually exclusive?” Heh heh, who knows?

Just seems whenever something happens that our big brains don’t quite have mastery of, someone’s bound to claim TheDivine did it, as if that’s useful at all. I mean, if you believe in TheDivine, of course he/she did it, but that adds no information at all. We still want to know what happened. Aliens could be involved in God’s plan, why not?

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@rooeytoo Of course it’s possible. Green-eyed invisible monkeys are possible, too. You can’t prove they aren’t.

However, even if there is so-called “intelligent” life elsewhere in the universe, the distances between stars and galaxies and the barrier of the speed of light and the economic barriers make it extremely unlikely they will ever visit earth. In addition, that life may take a form we simply don’t recognize. How would we know how to communicate with plasma creatures? Or what if a galaxy was a life form? Conscious and intelligent?

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IF aliens have visited earth I’m gonna conjecture that they mastered some form of (faster-than-light method of transportation, either that or they are stones and live a very very long time compared to us and would not relate to us when they got here. We’d know the latter as meteorites.

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Without substantially faster-than-light transportation methods (which defy physics anyways), it seems no intelligent life in the universe is ever likely to meet each other. That makes existence a little more bleak. Miller time!

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@cockswain unless of course their sense of time, if it exists at all, is incredibly different than ours. Maybe a thousand years to us is like a second to them.

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Good point. But then we wouldn’t really get to interact with them if that’s the case. Imagine how frustrating that would be asking them how their trip was and waiting for a few millenia for a brief answer.

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We wouldn’t recognize an alien life form even if it was growing up in our own back yard.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies mushrooms. ehem

Mushroom spores can survive the vacuum of space, you know.

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Where did you get this knowledge if not a McKenna fan?

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@cockswain And that would be after we figure out how to communicate.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Oh, I am indeed a McKenna reader, however Paul Stamets , the foremost authority on fungus at the moment would confirm that, in fact I learned that at a lecture of his that I went to.

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