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How are you preparing for the heat wave and potential power failure?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39894points) July 20th, 2011

Temperatures are rising and today July 20, looks like it will be a scorcher in the US. Many people will be using air conditioners and the grid will be running near capacity. If there is a small disruption there’s a chance of significant power outages. How are you preparing for a power failure?
I already have food and water, and gasoline for my generator.

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Looking this way all week here in Boston. It’s ugly.

If there’s a power outage, we simply head to one of the el-cheapo hotels up & down the highway for a day or two.

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Yes, but the generator is not big enough to carry the whole house A/C at start-up. But I can run refrigerator and fans.

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I have a generator,a boat and a river out front.;)

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Two words, solar panels. Yes they might be a bit expensive but this small investment will take you a long way. Think of it this way the hotter it gets on the outside the cooler it will get on the inside (the ac will work better).

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I honestly don’t know what I would do if the power went out with the extreme heat right now. Before I had my baby, I would have opened up all the windows and just dealt with it by going to the pool or something like that, but having a 7 week old baby makes that difficult (especially one with thyroid problems). I’d probably try to find somewhere to go that still had power so that my baby would not have to deal with the extreme heat.

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I also charged up the two marine batteries in the basement as well as the car jump stater. I can attach the 1000 Watt inverter to them and get full power out of each for 15–20 minutes. That will run a fan for 5 hours. Or charge my pc and cell phones for weeks.

The responses here are interesting. I never even considered going someplace else.

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My car has a full tank of gas(yes, it was expensive). My car has a great air conditioner. My car has an engine I can cook on. My car is water resisent. My car has very comfortable seats. My car emits carbon monoxide, like all other cars. We keep the windows rolled down 4 inches from the top. My car has bright inside lights. My car has a built-in radio. My car has an outlet for my mobile phone charger. My car has stored water in the trunk. My car has a cooler to store ice, food, drinks, etc.

My car is ready and so am I.

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The boat is all gassed up and ready to go!

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@john65pennington Add a 1kW inverter to your car and you’ll be able to keep your refrigerator/freezer running.

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This is another build up to the election year issues just waiting to happen, but it won’t get much traction, you know…the crumbling infrastructure and all.

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Lookin this way up in ye olde Canada. I’ll just try not to die. Land of the cold, my fuckin ass.

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Since heat rises, the crawl space under my house should be comfortably coo. ;-p

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Hadn’t actually occurred to me until I read your question. At which point I slapped myself in the forehead.

I’ve lived without a/c for years… looks like I’d be hanging out in the bathtub a lot if the power were to go out.

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I don’t have a generator, so If there’s a power outage here, I’ll go to a motel in a cooler area that has working A/C.

I might look into getting a solar-powered backup system.


My crawlspace is always open to you, especially if you are willing to help me with my giant carnivorous worm infestation. :-/

Otherwise, what options do you have for staying or getting cool ?

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We would have a lot of wet wash cloths handy and take showers often but if the power quit we would be basically screwed as would all my fish again. I don’t even like to think about it.

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@Brian1946 Eeeew I hate worms. :(

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@Symbeline there are no worms in my bathtub. Just saying.

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Sounds like a cool place…sayin’. :D

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@woodcutter Why not get a small inverter and a car battery? Won’t that be enough to keep your fish alive for few days? I’ll be 100Watts would be plenty to run your bubbler.

Looks like we are in for another hot day. I wonder if there were power failures anywhere.

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I see they are expecting peak load in a couple of hours
Supposedly the grid is ready. I know I am.

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@worriedguy I really don’t know about that. We have 3 separate aquariums so that’s a lot of extra batteries to keep handy. What’s an inverter? Is it commercially made or is it a Mcgiver rig?

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