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Do you bother to log out?

Asked by susanc (16122points) April 30th, 2008

is it cheating to rack up points by leaving myself logged in all the time?

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I don’t think you rack up points by being logged in. You get +1 for visiting two days in a row, but that requires some sort of action nonetheless.

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I don’t log out very often… fact don’t think I ever log out on the iPhone, but of course at times it’s switched of.

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I never log out, not at Fluther, not at other sites. I log into my account on my computer and then I can access all websites, people that don’t know my account’s password can’t. And if I’m not at my own computer then I carry around my own Firefox with a master password. No real reason to logout :)

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can you log out on iPhone? It never asks me to log in when I get on fluther

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I don’t, it’s kinda dumb to in my opinion.

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You don’t get points just for staying logged in, it’s for actually coming onto Fluther and doing something. Unless it’s a public computer, it doesn’t really matter in my opinion.

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I never log out on my iPhone or on my home pc.

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I never log out. I am the sole user on my computer.

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I had no idea. Very nice. Thanks. Saves me seconds per day.

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@Vincentt, what did you mean that you carry around your own Firefox? That intrigued me.

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He probably has a fire breathing fox, not very uncommon.

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especially not in Holland…..or was that an hallucination?

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nope and nope

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I got really drunk one night and swore I was never coming back here. Some profanity was used against others. I changed my password to random letters I can’t remember. I changed the email address they have too to a random string.

If I logout I couldn’t get back in if I wanted too.

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You can change all of that if you wanted to by going into your account settings.

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I never log out though sometimes it ask me to log in.

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You need your old password to change it. I don’t have the old one. It is something like dlfughskgsfkugsugfsku.

And my email address is something like

They should change it if I ask. I’m just to lazy to ask.

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I don’t log out on my MBP or the G5, but the G5 automatically logs me out when I close Firefox, I think. It doesn’t do it on my MBP, though. I set a master password when I open my computer so no one can get on anyways..

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@johnpowell good to know. I’d better not ever forget my password then!

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@Trustinglife – well, that depends. When I’m at my dad’s, I run an entire operating system from a USB drive (which includes Firefox). At school, however, where I suppose they wouldn’t be happy if I did that, I use FirefoxPortable, so I can run it from my flash drive without needing to install and preserving all my settings. It’s ideal, really :)

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@Vincentt that’s pretty cool!

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Vincentt: I need to get that. Thanks for the info. =]

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It is indeed, and ideal for lazy people that don’t bother to log out ;-)

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ha ha, I’m not lazy.. there’s just no need to log out!

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@johnpowell – what are you going to to when your browser crashes or you restart your computer?

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Mine does all the time and I am still logged in after I reboot.

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