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PS3 Woes, can someone help?

Asked by ShanEnri (4429points) July 20th, 2011

Bought a second hand 80gb ps3. It was working fine, but 2 things happened and grrrrr no picture, no sound. First thing I was getting it set up for internet when the electricity went out, it did come back on. Second it asked to update I clicked yes and it updated. When I tried to restart, no picture no sound. Tried the reset where you hold the power button down for so many beeps (6 I think), the problem is if the 6 reset steps come up I can’t see it. I have not unhooked any cables and I did check them and nothing has changed. I’ve Googled the problem and can’t find a solution. Can y’all help or should I call a repair service?

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Test if the connection cables work, see if a friend of yours can lend you his cables for an afternoon or something. Does it behave normally otherwise? (do the fans spin, does the HD start up, etcetera)

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It does behave normally. It just happened after the power outage and update. I tried hooking it up with a different set of cables but still nothing.

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Have you tried hooking something else to the same port of your TV/hooking the PS3 to a different port (if any)?

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It’s fixed! Just kept trying and it came on…go figure! Thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome…

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