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I have gone crazy! What are my symptoms?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5486points) July 20th, 2011

Let’s pretend you are all psychologists… Make up a disorder for me. What is is called and what are the symptoms?

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Schroeder Syndrome! You just became awesome in almost every way! You’re charismatic, funny, smart, kind, and lovable. It’s a real syndrome. Just saying!

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Stockholm Syndrome… makes you identify with kidnappers… now make us all sandwiches.

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Incompes of the mentes, the inability to logically know what is logically wrong with you. :-)

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Poofy Poultry Syndrome: A tendency to focus on what you want, rather than what others ask of you.

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Blueberry Syndrome: It’s a syndrome where you shit bluberries and your skin turns a slight indigo color. Then your skin smells like blueberries. Your kids hair and body will always smell like bluberries as well.

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@FluffyChicken Sorry I had Don’treadusthedetailsitis.

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Featheritis where everyone looks like a chicken and talks with a clucking sound. It is associated with the disease phocksophobia.

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Diorsome Disease. You have an intense longing for luxury items that is characterized by one or more of the following:
1. Numerous magazine subscriptions
2. Debt
3. Theft
4. A bulging closet

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Flutheritis: Any time you’re away from Fluther for more than five minutes, your body locks up in a panic attack.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I may actually be in the beginning stages of that one…

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