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What Does it Mean When you get teased by someone who stares at you?

Asked by 12fpasiama (43points) July 20th, 2011

So im in High School and This Boy who has been staring at me for 3 years got some of his friends to Tease me about what i told him; i had written him a message on Facebook saying that; i thought he was good looking; a couple days later i find out that he was recieving text messages saying i really wanted him by me and saying all of these nasty things then two days later he blames me for tagging his car; which had my name written all over it in soap and was followed by ” I cant wait 4 us 2 be 2gether”; This is what i dont understand this guy knew the whole time that i wasnt texting him and knew that i didnt tag the car, but he still blamed me. Someone please help me out….What does this mean???

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It means that he is immature and needs to learn some manners. It is in your best interest to stay far away from him.

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Eventually the situation will turn around and he’ll be sorry for blaming you.

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It means he’s a jackass and has a mental age of about eight.

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It is unfortunate that you chose to post what you were thinking about him on Facebook where his friends could see it and would begin teasing him.

That said, it was an innocent mistake on your part. You are not responsible for their actions.

Probably, this boy liked you, but he does not now and/or would not act on it now.

Next time, keep what you say between the two of you.

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@marinelife I bet he still thinks he wants her, but wouldn’t admit it to his friends now because they are being dorkbags about it, and he doesn’t want to be a dorkbag and is cowardly and confused enough to be a dorkbag towards her instead.

There were some great probable mutual attractions between me and some girls in high school, but I avoided all of them for fear of teenage dorkbag syndrome.

If I were 12fpasiama, I would just hold the line that being good-looking doesn’t mean a person isn’t a scumbag. Too bad for him.

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Never post anything personal on Facebook.

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@Kardamom or better yet don’t use Facebook at all. :D

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