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Do you feel ripped off because you are not having the summer as in the US Mid West?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 21st, 2011

Summer is the time for hot weather. Do you feel ripped off and jipped if you are not experiencing a nice summer of 95+ deg temps? In six months, we are going to have dank, cold, wet, silly weather again after not having had any true Summer. Where did the fricken heat go? Does one have to do a Global Warming Dance to bump the temps up on the coast?

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I will happily trade places with you. I grew up in Las Vegas so you would think I could handle the heat here in western Illinois.

I can’t. We’ve been lucky to have some mild summers here the past few years. This is ridiculous. I’m ready to move to Norway.

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Take it. Please.

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Hell no. I love having cooler-than-average summers. We get enough heat as it is in Hell A, without wishing for more. It’s nice not having to use as much A/C and water.

As can be seen by the preceding quips, some of the more prestigious inhabitants of the midwest, are feeling somewhat less than blessed by their infernally “wonderful” weather. ;-)

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It was 87 today and I loved it. I grew up in Las Vegas as well and these temperatures in the Midwest heat wave are cool summer temperatures in Vegas. But something like 87 is great. I’d want temperatures to be between 80 and 95, not between 60 and 75 like it has been over the past couple weeks. That’s perfect for other times of the year, but during the summer, I do like it to be a little warmer.

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@DominicX I think 87 is great, when it’s dry. I can’t speak for other midwestern states, but this is incredibly hot and humid. It’s disgusting.

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@DominicX Today, I think it reached 95 here in Illinois, but it wasn’t as humid as yesterday. It was somewhat bearable today. Yesterday was obnoxious. Our dew point was 82. That’s off the charts. You can’t breathe in that humid air. People joke about dry heat in the west, but there really is a difference. It’s times like this when I miss Vegas.

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@jonsblond yes. The air is like soup.

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Oh, I definitely agree. Dry heat is much better. Unfortunately, it’s not that dry in the western Bay Area, but it’s probably better than the Midwest. And of course nothing compares to Vegas. Here it’s supposed to be 50% humidity tomorrow, which is decently humid. In Vegas it’s going to be 9% humidity…that’s the desert for ya :)

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@ANef_is_Enuf I listened to a report today about how the corn crop attributes to the humidity. The moisture in the corn makes it worse. We are surrounded by corn fields here, literally. I live on a farm with 200 acres of corn.

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It was 97 ºF and humid down here in the South today. My glasses fogged up whenever I walked outside. I could happily go for 82 ºF and dry. Then again, I come from a land where the sun is just a legend told to children.

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@jonsblond you make me want to hand deliver you an air conditioner. No lie.

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@ANef_is_Enuf please? I am making a case for a reason. ;)

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@jonsblond I accept beer and swimming pool time as payment for my travels.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’ll send you directions. I make a nice Key Lime Pie too. Bonus for you. :D

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Yeah, if only we could party like it’s 1816. ;-)

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No. Not even remotely. I live in the sub-tropics. The climate here is beautiful.

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The insane heat is the worst part of summer. It prevents you from doing all the outside things that makes summer summer and forces you to spend all your time inside with the AC. So quite the opposite; I feel that the extreme heat is ripping me off of my summer!

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Hell no, I hate hot weather with a passion.

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Be careful for what you wish for!

Personally….I am LOVIN it! Yesssss!

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I just read the forecast today to find that it is going to be 98° with a heat index of 110°, humidity is currently at 86%, dew point at 70. I know that I’m being whiny, in general, about the heat… but I can’t imagine how anyone could enjoy this kind of weather. Baffles me. It’s like torture.

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On days like that, I am glad I work in an air conditioned office and air con at home. A trip to the cinema is a good option in the middle of the day in such weather.

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It would be nice if the temperature here would crawl up to 75F and it would just stop bloody raining.

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It’s crazy hot here in Toronto right now. Now, at 7:30am, it’s 80F but feels like 100F. It’s going up to 100 this afternoon but will feel like 120. It’s always humid here, too. So to all y’all who think Canada is cold, think again :P

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I feel ripped off as far as rain goes! I’m in North Carolina and today’s (Friday & Saturday as well) high is going to be 101. Personally I’ll be glad for cold, wet weather!

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It’s 87 here, but feels like 95 (according to the weather channel), with a high of 101. I much perfer the cold snowy winters though, so you can have the heat!!

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The weather fairy has turned on the nationwide air conditioner over the whole of Germany. High temperature in most regions 68. And plenty of rain. Feels like April. I can’t wait to drive south, although Greece is not a good idea right now. Everybody is on strike.

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The heat annoys me. The temperature of southern California doesn’t mesh with me. So, no – I don’t envy those in the Midwest. I’d trade it all for a rainy day.

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We had a high of 57 today in Scotland, which isn’t bad in the sunshine but it is raining just now. I’ll trade some of my cool air for some of your hot.

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We have a 106 heat index here today; I’ll gladly trade with anyone who thinks low 70s isn’t “summery” enough!

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I propose a weather-exchange program between the North American jellies living east of the Rockies, and those in northwestern Europe.

Only one jelly I know who could implement such a grandiose scheme, so I say, get busy, worriedguy! ;-)

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I’m in England, we’re very used to it!

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@DominicX You’re making me excited about my trip to Vegas in a couple of months time!

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I believe that @ANef_is_Enuf and I live in the same area. And I concur, this is disgusting With the heat index it feels like 106. There is a reason that I don’t live in Florida and this is it. If it never got over 76 and the humidity stayed low, I would be the happiest camper ever.

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It is now 98F and feels like 114F. Who wants to trade with me? Anyone? please? ;)

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@jonsblond aww, we are only at 96 (feels like 108). You’re welcome to come over and cool off.

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Rain and snow!?! Blaspheme!! You cannot grill when it is raining or snowing, you can’t lay in the grass and see the sky, you can jet ski, you can’t beach volleyball, hike with out getting soaked, that includes cycling, fishing is a pain, basketball is a joke, soccer can be dangerous, you cannot repair the roof, paint the house and just try gardening. Nothing good comes from rain and snow.

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I pretty much agree. I like rain and snow in the winter, but I want every other season to be sunny. It doesn’t have to be hot, but it at least should be decently sunny :)

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It is so windy here today. I can hear the wind whistling around the house. It is very sunny but quite cool. I will send some breeze to my hot US jellies.

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I live in Seattle. It has barely hit 80F at all this year (only for 78 minutes total thus far), and a few miles North in Everett, they haven’t even hit 75 yet.

But I don’t feel ripped off since I prefer it a bit cooler; I find 65–70 to be far more comfortable.

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I’m melting. It was 100 in NYC today.

People who like this sort of weather? They can have it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central We’ve grilled when it was raining and snowing. I’ve gone sledding at night and fell back into the snow to look at the stars. Snowmobiling is just as fun as jet skiing. I’ve hiked with my dogs in the snow (one of the best workouts I’ve ever had and I was able to take some beautiful photographs. Roof repair and painting? Winter gives you the time off from mundane house repairs. That’s when you get to play in the snow and then come in, snuggle with your loved one and drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie. Lots of good comes from rain and snow. :)

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The local news baked a tray of chocolate chip cookies in a car today. They were left on the seat and done in 2 hours.

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Yum yum, gimme some car-baked cookies. How about cooking some chicken inside a CarBQ? ;-p

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I don’t think it got above 75 today. I love living on the Cali coast :)

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@jonsblond Well madam I mean the respectful one, I could counter with you can’t grill in the snow unless you have some shelter over you, you can’t just drop the tailgate and go to it, or choose just about any spot you wish. I can look at the stars in summer and not have to worry about getting frost bitten. There are more than twice the places to go jet skiing and water-skiing and more time during the year, even winter if you want to freeze. You also have the added advantage of being able to canoe, kayak, or float on an inner tube. You trade painting for chipping ice of the windshield, trying to keep the plants from freezing, the pipes from bursting, putting on and taking off snow chains, and shoveling the walk. The roof repair you still get because all that dang snow collapsing it. When you determine it is too hot to work you can go to the mall or a movie and use their AC for a while. You can also sit on the porch or under a shade tree with a cold ice tea or pop and take a nap. I could counter with those fact, but I won’t. ;-)

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