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How to find the perfect LBD?

Asked by Elaine0 (39points) July 21st, 2011

how to find the perfect little black dress?

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A clothing store would be a good place to start.

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Go simple and classic when it comes to style. You can’t go wrong with something that’s beautifully cut and fits well. Get something trendy and it’ll look weird in a year. Wrap styling looks great on almost all body types. A hem just below the knee also never goes out of style.

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Look at anything that Audrey Hepburn wore, Classic LBD wearer.

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I would suggest trying them on until you find one that you absolutely love.

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go to a clothing store and try on some lbd’s. until you find the perfect one :P

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I thought you were looking for a Lesbian/BiSexual Dominatrix… I don’t suppose that’s why you wanted the little black dress?

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I would suggest a plain, sophisticated, classic look. Always remember that you can dress it up, don’t ever go for an overly ‘busy’ LBD.. good luck girl :)

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I have this lovely black sheath dress that I wear when I have no idea what to wear.

I suggest going to the mall and trying on every single black dress you see, until you find one that makes you look amazing. Do not settle for anything less. If you are on the edge, it is a no.

Fabric is really important. Mine is silk, which makes it difficult to clean and cold in winter.

Length is also really important. Depending on your age and body shape, what looks dour on one person might look excellent on another. If you are young, you should really go somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knees. If it shows a lot up top, it should be longer.

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