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What are some irrational things that your pets are afraid of?

Asked by Seelix (14869points) July 21st, 2011

The mailman just came and put the mail through the slot in my apartment door. My male cat is terrified of the mailman! If he hears him in the hallway, he’ll run and hide, even if he’s napping.

What are some silly things that your pets are afraid of?

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I can’t think of anything unusual or silly, despite having 4 pets. My dogs are afraid of fireworks, but I think that’s normal.

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Just about everything if I bring it up to them in a really creepy or mysterious way.
Even if I bring a spoon to them in slow motion they will get scared.

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My neighbors dog

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My nieghbors dog is afraid of a doorbell.

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My little dog is petrified of the smoke detector. When we stayed with my Dad and he was cooking, he would always drop food on the burner and his smoke detector wass quite sensitive, so it would always go off. Freaked my boy out. It got to the point to where when my Dad just turned on the burner, my dog would scratch and bark at the door, to get the fuck out of dodge.

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One of my dogs is afraid of loud noises like thunder, big guns, explosions, fireworks.

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Thunder, vacuums… Stuff like that

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If I talk in a weird deep voice my dog gets really creeped out and runs and hides beneath her bed XD
Also if I just suddenly fall to the floor and play dead she starts to whine and then runs off. hehe.
Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner my dog gets pretty scared because of all the sizzling noises and stuff.
Oh and also WATER. XD She hates the stuff!

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Sometimes i howl and act like wolf and they start wining

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My dog is terrified of the hoover/vacum cleaner/dyson!! He hates it and will avoid it at all costs!!

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Margarine tubs, the sound they make when you take the lid off.
My dawg runs away like a bomb just exploded up her arse.

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The crackling of a plastic bag or when it is flying through the air.

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Oh! Paper towel rolls! I make a raspberry, spitting sound through it and my dog freeeeaks out

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If I fart my cats just look like this! :-/ I don’t think they’re afraid though Lol….

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@Scooby – That is so weird and cute!

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Lol……Hope you smiled ;-)

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@Scooby – I think I was actually making the face along with the cat before I just collapsed into giggles :)

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Yeah Lol….. It does that to ya… I just had another peek myself Lol………. :-)

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I use clicker training in my puppy classes but, the embarressing thing is, my own dog, is scared of the clicker!

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My horse Clifford is afraid of people with blonde hair.

Strangest thing EVER.

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I had a cat who was afraid of brooms for the rest of her life [15 more years] after my s/o at the time chased her down 2 flights of stairs and out the cat window sweeping one at her. [she had just peed in the tub.] Even when I moved to 2 new places after that relationship ended—I got a broom out to sweep and she was GONE.

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My dog used to be afraid of fireworks and thunder. I was always trying to find ways to help him, but nature finally came up with the solution. He’s going deaf. He made it through our recent thunder storms and the 4th of July with no difficulty what so ever.

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My cats are afraid of cheese sticks. Not kidding. They hate how they move

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Spoony THE cat absolutely abhors the vacuum cleaner. As long as it’s turned off, it’s fine. But bring it into a room she’s in and just plug it in and she’s up and out of there like she was shot from a cannon.

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Water hose. My dog will frolic in a stagnant nasty water hole that has cattle feces in it but will not handle being washed off with clean water from the hose. No wash off clingons, no come in the house.

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His own farts. He is getting older and does quite a few, fairly loud farts. Each time it happens, he jumps up and runs off down the hallway in fright.

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@Bellatrix That’s not irrational. I’m afraid of my own farts too. They stink.

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lol@ETpro.. I don’t think it’s the smell. If he does a stinky fart he usually throws me a disgusted look as if I did it. :D I suspect he thinks nothing so evil could leave his bum.

So funny when he farts though .. Squeeeek! And off he runs down the hall.

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@Bellatrix hahaha. Maybe he follows Jack Nicholson’s old age advice: “Never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on, and never trust a fart;” and doesn’t want to be caught near the evidence.

The same cat I mentioned above, who was afraid of brooms, was afraid of crossing thresholds. She was feral, came in from the cold at about 9 months and always had an open window in case she wanted to leave. Yet she always hesitated at thresholds—whether the entrance to my apartment from the outside, or crossing into the common hall through another door, or entering/leaving the boiler/storage room or various rooms in various places I lived after that. She lived to be 21. Her fear abated with age but never ceased completely.

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Lol, @anartist perhaps he does!

How strange about the thresholds? They are strange little beings for sure.

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Spoony THE Cat has a unique URL but it breaks downloads.

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Thunder and rain when he has never been an outdoor cat and has lived quite long enough to know that it’s just a noise.

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@Leanne1986 He must have watched The Longest Day

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Annie Belle won’t walk into any place that has commercial glass doors. The vet has those so she’s not going there ever again, so she thinks.

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