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Are there any Jellies with dredlocks, or who have sported dreads in the past?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5511points) July 21st, 2011

If, so what are your experiences with that? What are your woes with them? What do you love about them? Any tips or cautionary tales? Any further thoughts?

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The closest I’ve ever come is having a rat’s tail. I loved it, but my two best friends finally pressured me into cutting it off. My niece had dreadlocks for several years. When she moved to Washington, DC., and worked in a fancy French restaurant, the clients loved it. If someone wants dreadlocks, then I say to go for it. I personally like the look.

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I’m doin it! Not tonight since I’m at work, but I’m starting them tomorrow morning, using the back combing method with no wax. because I can’t afford wax right now, and I’m impatient

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I’ve had dreadlocks. Twice. Looking for pics to show you.

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I would love to see them! Thank you.

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My first dreads were done with a steam machine and I also had synthetic dreads attached. Here. The second time around, it was done by a hairstylist but just with wax and rolling. Here. Both time, I cut my dreads before my labors with my babies. I loooove having dreadlocks.

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Oooh! Those are quite lovely! Thank you muchly for sharing. I think I too will love it.

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I had some when I was 18. They lasted maybe 8 months. I got lazy, and since I have ultra straight, ultra smooth hair all the time, it was hard to knot it and some of them were only half done. The worst thing was that everyone assumed that because I had dreads that I never washed my hair.

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