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Are there any games for the i-pod touch?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) April 30th, 2008

I know that you can jailbreak, but thats illegal. Any legal games you can download?

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Nope, just web apps. Wait untill June for the apps store.

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Not yet, well there are some, but in my opinion they are not so good.
The good ones are coming this June but they are gonna cost you

Here are some free games you can try for now:



Jirbo Games

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Yeah, mainly just webapps. And June seems so far away!!! :-(

But here’s a cool new webapp called 3D tetris.

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great webapp games at

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HAHA they are all lying or are just misinformed. Goto, you can download his application and you can jailbreak your iTouch and then with the installer app you can download many many games, and other applications as well to make your iTouch/iPhone waaaaay better then everyone else’s.

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going back to your original comment… I wouldn’t say that jailbreaking is illegal BUT what Apple will say is that it voids your warranty. And no, I haven’t jailbroke. Don’t want to take the risk. Now that you’ve waited this long, you might hold off till June and see whats in the app store.

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I jailbroke my iPhone and they still took it in when the infrared sensor broke.

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Jailbreaking your iPod touch is not illegal. Mine is jailbroken and I LOVE it! I have a ton of games as well as tons of themes and other stuff. It doesn’t break your iPod if you follow the directions. I went through ziphone. Try it…you’ll like it!!

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Here’s a fun new one called Gravity Storm:

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