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Do you think girls AE jeans would look arlight on a guy?

Asked by tnatwo14 (182points) July 21st, 2011

Alright, I know there’s this whole thing about people who hate on guys for wearing girls jeans and even skinny jeans that are made for guys…

I have a thin (some might say skinny) build, and I happen to like a fitted clothing styles, like skinny jeans and tees and such. I have plenty of guys “skinny” and I even bought a pair of girls pants once that were misplaced in the guys department and didn’t realize for a while.They are actually my favorite pair, go figure.

So I’m ready to make the switch to girl pants. I just want to do so carefully, I want to go with whatever looks good without being too obvious. I was looking at AE’s jeans for girls, they look pretty neutral to me. But the fact that they’re so popular makes me think.

Uh… any other suggestion? Maybe asking the wrong crowd here?

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There’s nothing wrong with fitted and skinny jeans if you can pull them off that is.
& Stick with the boy jeans. That’s my advice, as someone who used to wear plenty of girl jeans.

And as far as brand goes, who the fuck gives a damn?

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Nope, but that is just me thinking.

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I think, if they fit, wear them. Lots of females wear guy’s jeans, what’s the difference.

But i hate the skinny jeans on males or females. How can you stand them? My legs feel as if they are suffocating. I don’t even like stretch jeans of any style and it is getting more and more difficult to find plain old cotton denim jeans.

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I think that it would be best if you stick to the guy’s jeans because what if you are walking in the mall or something and a girl sees you wearing the same pants as her? that would be pretty embarassing.
I also think that skinny jeans look hot on guy’s, just saying, but that is my opinion because if you like girls jeans then go a head and wear them but personally girls would prefer guy’s to wear boy jeans and not girl jeans.

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If you have the bod for it, and you like the look, I’d say go for it. But beware, the pockets on some jeans are made extra feminine looking!

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You like the Freddy Mercury / Mick Jagger look from the early 70’s. Nice. If you have the build for it, great. My wife and I used to wear the same jeans – a long time ago. The problem was the inseam on girl jeans. There was a thickness and tightness to the seam that, while showcasing the perfection of my posterior, pushed persistently on my perineum and private parts.
The fabric fold in the tight crotch hurt my balls.

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There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t mind trying to make your ass more shapely and fuckable.

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What size, measurements are you?

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I don’t have an answer to this question: What side does it button? Womens/girls ususally button opposite of mens/boys.

Some women look good in men’s jeans, because some jeans can be shaped to the owners body when new. But girls jeans will be cut to be a bit larger in the hips relative to the waist, and the “waist” rides lower.

If I were you I’d wear boys/mens jeans in a small size.

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It turns out, Yahoo Answers yields a better understanding of a question like this. What good are you Fluther?

Let’s see, so far I’ve basically been called gay twice, have had the cut of girls jeans described to me at least twice (I did mention I own one pair already), and one response that sounds like the answerer in question has no experience with jeans whatsoever.

What I was looking for here, is weather or not such a thing is really gonna stand out a lot to people in real life, rather than to scrutinizing forumites. Being that I already wear the skinniest fits they offer guys on a regular basis, and I never really get any shit for it. So I’m looking for something that isn’t going to appear that much different to the untrained eye, but fits better than the sloppy ruffled guy fit.

Oh and, for measurements I wear a 30 waist and 32 inseam usually. Which, I realize usually translates to different sizes depending on where you buy.

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@tnatwo14 – I was amazed that the gay comments were not modded.

Other than that, I stand by my comment above, who cares, if they fit wear them!

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It was asked in the social section and you were asking for opinions. Don’t be shitty.

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Most people wouldn’t notice if you wore girls jeans. However, make sure to keep the style simple and look at the back pockets to make sure there is no girly detailing.

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and skip the heels.

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@athenasgriffin – What exactly constitutes as girly detailing? Obviously butterflies, flowers, sequins, etc… But what about stitching design on the pockets? Most guys pants don’t really have that, at least I don’t think.

@woodcutter – I’m not being “shitty”. Wasn’t it reasonably clear that I ‘was not’ looking for the advice of anyone who finds “a dude wearin’ chick pants” unacceptable/bizarre/“gay”/etc? Perhaps if I had put “you people can piss off” at the end of the first sentence in the details… yourself and all the tolls would have passed over the question? I somehow doubt it.

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@tnatwo14 You should really look for no detailing. I know a couple of (straight btw) guys who wear girls jeans, and they say that the less detailing there is, the less feminine it feels to them.

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@tnatwo14 Um no it wasn’t reasonably clear in your question as written, sorry. Not all of us are clairvoyant, just a few. You put yourself out there on a site where you ask for opinions/ thoughts you will get a mixed bag of replies. The underlying hope you had was you expect all to agree with what you want. Big mistake on here, and in real life when you put yourself out there. No trolling happening here, just what you asked for which was what our thoughts are about it. Some you will like ,some, not so much. You should have expected that. Be reasonable.

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@woodcutter – There have been some pretty ignorant and trolling comments, yes. I don’t know why I would expect better here, I just did. Yes, I should know from past experience there are no preemptive measures you can take to prevent useless and contrary answers to a question like this. Too bad there is no system of voting an answer as simply bad, other than flagging.

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You wanted to know the opinions of others. So, it seems that if an opinion was one you disagreed with it’s a bad one? Or useless? The not so well hidden agenda here was, you agree with me, or , you agree with me more__. So in reality it wasn’t opinions you were truly looking for, it was unconditional approval of what you are going to do anyway so you would somehow feel less odd about yourself? There is no such thing as _useless and contrary answers when you ask for opinions or thoughts of a group. There is no right answer, in fact your question is set up as a trap in order to proclaim some as trolls because they don’t fall all over you with total agreement. That is being unreasonable.
When you do this in the SOCIAL SECTION it is presumed you are expecting what others think or feel personally about a subject. Guidelines are less strict. It is already implied. Honestly ,you should have put this one in GENERAL if you want no nonsense facts devoid of unprovable statements. But what would that have done to the question? Probably ruined it why ,because there is no true right answer for what you asked. That means you don’t get to say one comment is worse than another. You even commented in the question you may be asking the“wrong crowd” here. What, prey tell ,would be the right crowd for a question such as yours? Who did you have in mind? That right there pretty much indicates you expect some replies that might be a bit more honest than you were trolling for.
Relax already, and don’t take shit so personal. That will tell more about yourself than the fact you like to wear woman’s pants without looking out of place.

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You’re just trying to be difficult, and this is the last time I’ll bite. Yes, it is established I was looking for the opinion of like minded individuals. Big deal. I would think I’d have the right to ask for example, in a question about smoking “please don’t bother if you disagree with smoking”. Because their answers would be invaluable to me, and probably wouldn’t address what I’m actually asking. Do you see what I’m saying? Yes, yes I can point out a troll job or plain ignorance (implying that “if your gay you can do this or that”), and with confidence say that those are bad answers, no thought there and no intention to be helpful. Again, I’ll claim this as my bad for the wording and thinking to post in “social”.

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@tnatwo14 Wear them if you like! I have bought some low cut Levi’s with stitches, nobody mind me.

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Q: Do you think girls AE jeans would look arlight on a guy?

I am trying to figure out if you meant alright or airtight.

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[mod says] The “gay” comment has been removed as flame-bait. From here on out, let’s stick to answering the question, and responding to the answers, in a non-judgmental way. Thanks!

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@filmfann – lol and ga!!! (I’m hoping for alright, airtight is the way they feel on me!)

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