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Does green tea have caffeine in it?

Asked by scissorbrothers (4points) July 22nd, 2011

I’m talking about green tea not black tea because i know black tea has caffeine but i am not sure about green tea. i’m asking because i’m trying to avoid caffeine.

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Yes, but not as much as black tea.

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My understanding is yes, more so than black tea….! Either way, it’s a yes! Peppermint tea is a lovely caffeine free tea.

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It does, as the other members have already said.
Look into herbal teas if you want caffeine free.

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I’m with Harple. Yes!

Holy Shit, I had a virus last year and had two big mugs of green tea one evening and I was bouncing off the walls all night.
It was like watching a pinball machine, flashing lights and zinging colors, a flashback to the 70’s for me.
Never again!
Blotter tea. haha

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Yes, green tea does have caffeine. Also a little FYI – Decaffeinated tea is NOT caffeine free! It still contains up to .4% by volume of caffeine. Also, the longer the tea leaves have fermented, the greater the caffeine content, and the smaller the tea leaf, the stronger the extraction of caffeine.(so tea leaves the size of your fingernail, will keep you up for the rest of your life) Enjoy no sleep!

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Hello @harple. Yes, it has some caffeine. But be careful how you drink Green Tea

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Black tea contains about ¼ of the caffeine of coffee. Green tea contains about ¼ of the caffeine of black tea. (Sorry @harple, you are wrong.) White tea contains about ¼ the caffeine of green tea or almost none.

To go caffeine-free, you can try herbal teas or drink decaffeinated tea.

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Decaffeinated tea still has a little bit of caffeine, just fyi. I’m not sure about all the herbal teas.

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Yes. All “real” tea (tea containing tea leaves) has caffeine. Herbal tea usually doesn’t (depends on the exact ingredients), but it’s not real tea (we just call it tea because we brew it the same way).

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All tea has caffeine and if you read anything that claims it doesn’t, that is false! Green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as, say, black tea but it still is caffeinated.

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Yes, it does, but it also contains L-theanine, which has a relaxing effect that counterbalances the caffeine. I drink green tea before bed and it usually helps me relax.

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Yes green tea does have caffeine in it. Some don’t though.

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