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Blackberry or iPhone?

Asked by greenergrass (229points) July 22nd, 2011

I’m considering an upgrade to one of these two phones from an unpopular phone, so I have no experience or background history with either phone. Now, I’m no techie – so all of these names and SMS whatever doesn’t help unless you dumb it down for me… but this is what I know and don’t know about each phone through pros/cons.

– very fast
– high resolution screen
– a fun toy?
– a flashy new phone that everyone has
– keyboard hard for me to type on (will I get used to it or will I forever suffer from “fat-fingers”?)
– new versions come out which are even better, which I will want because my version is old and will end up paying full price for each upgrade
– already have an itouch/ipod – so I have the apps, half of which are unused, so I already have an “apple toy” – do I need another one?
– to check email, I must open the app for updates – don’t get notifications unless app is open (not sure if this is true – but if it is, I guess I’ll consider it a con)
– great in the work office
– good email
– good keyboard (which my “fat-fingers” will be able to type on)
– not a touch screen phone, so no problems with possible touch screen accidents
– good call quality
– free texting to all other blackberry users
– not as fast
– not as many apps
– possible “butt-dialing” issues? (again not sure about this – correct me if I’m wrong!)

Ok – sorry for such a long question… I guess what was supposed to be details turned into a story (I’m new at this- forgive me!)

In all, I guess I’m asking – should I get a blackberry or an iPhone? How would you convince me otherwise to get whichever phone you prefer if you were in my situation and despite its cons? And, the most (or one of them) important question of all… the prices! For the phone, or the plan either one! (though that may be slightly harder to answer)

Thanks so much for your time! (Must’ve been a bore reading all of this)

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My wife has a Samsung SmartPhone from Metro (my daughter refers to this as Ghettro Metro), and loves it. It has a sliding keyboard, so no fat finger problems. Great email, lots of aps. Comparitively cheap too.

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@filmfann thanks so much! So are you saying that the Samsung SmartPhone is the best, and the iPhone and Blackberry are a “no – go”??

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My sister and my son has an iPhone, and she loves it. My son has a Blackberry and isn’t happy with it, but different people want different things.
I am not saying no-go to anything. I am just saying my wife loves what she uses.

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Email on the iPhone can be “push”—that is, notify you when you have new email.

Also, thanks to free apps like “What’sApp” you can message Blackberry users for free from an iPhone.

Unless you live in a country where the network is not suitable for the iPhone (e.g. Venezuela—definitely a Blackberry crazy country) ..the iPhone can do everything a Blackberry can do and so much more.

Also, iPhone is more international. I can use my iPhone in Japan now, could never do that with a Blackberry.

I quickly got used to the typing on the iPhone despite having upgraded from a device with a very Blackberry-esque keyboard.

Last but not least—consider what you are most likely to use the device for..
If there is any chance you want to do “fun” things (like watch movies, TV shoes, play games) the iPhone wins hands-down.
If this is purely for texting/email..then the Blackberry is still a potential contender.

Still, my bias is for the iPhone—from both an email/internet productivity standpoint and also for the “fun” aspect. I’m on my second iPhone (had the 3GS now the 4G) and it’s without a doubt the most useful thing I’ve ever had.

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@geeky_mama thanks so much! I will definitely consider this after you response!

@blueberry_kid why?

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For you, I’d recommend the iPhone. Blackberries did have a slight advantage for certain work things, but unless you were already in a position where your company would be paying for you to have it, you wouldn’t really use those advantages – and I don’t know that most other smartphones (the iPhone, Android, etc) haven’t caught up in the meantime (Blackberry was the first on the market). Blackberry also requires a higher level of technological know-how, whereas iPhone caters specifically to those who don’t know how but still want to use the technology. And Blackberries only real pro was the business stuff, so if you aren’t going to be using that, then it’s a real disappointment in all other areas; even with the free texting to other Blackberry phones, it only works if you know other people have a Blackberry, which most won’t (and all phones that have an instant messenger have “free texting” to anyone who has an instant messenger). I personally find it harder to type on Blackberry’s real keyboard than on a touchscreen I can calibrate to accommodate my fingers (though, I have an Android, so I don’t actually know if iPhone lets you calibrate – @geeky_mama? Yes/no on the calibration?). And I found the little scroll ball hurt my fingers after months of using it.

Both are going to have some possible butt-dial issues. It happens to everyone, no biggie. All phones are always going to have a new one come out (and it will always somehow be just after you got yours), and it will be better, and you will want it. This is just part of technology, as is having a bit of a talk with yourself about how you really don’t need the new one, and love the old one.

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you mentioned not being so tech savvy so your precisely the type of person for whom the iPhone interface was designed. I love mine.

I didn’t have much problem adjusting to the keyboard but my hands/fingers are pretty small. However, there is a free speech to text app from the makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking. This software costs hundreds for a computer but is free for iPhone even tho it uses the same technology. It has an excellent reputation.

I have had my iPhone for over 2 years with no regrets and I think you would find it very intuitive to use.

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Both Blackberry for work and IPhone for play.

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@Aethelflaed so you’re iPhone all the way eh? Also, did the blackberry it hurt your fingers because you used it very often or just because or the positioning or whatever? Thanks so much for the feedback too!

@Buttonstc Thank so much for your response! Will definitely consider the iPhone now…

@talljasperman awesome idea! I’ll buy both! haha ;-)

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iPhone. Pure fun.

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Do not buy an iPhone right now. iPhone version 5 is coming up soon.

So you should wait and buy the 5 or wait and get a deal on a used or refurbished 4.

It is tagged as “Don’t Buy – Updates soon” on the MacRumours site.

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@greenergrass I’m actually Android all the way, but for you, I think the iPhone is the best fit because it is designed for people who aren’t tech savvy. The Blackberry hurt my fingers both because of positioning and because the little ball has some texture that you have to build up calluses for, which I never did enough (despite using it all the time).

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One thing to remember is the iPhone has great support. And by that I mean so many people have them it isn’t hard to find someone that can help if you have problems.

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So what I’m hearing is the iPhone – because of it’s support, fun and it’s convenience for dummies ;-). However, I also mentioned that I have an itouch – which is enough of a toy for me.

I guess as of now it’s: 2 – 5 iPhone

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You say, “I’m no techie” and that’s one of the reasons I recommend the iPhone. It has a very easy learning curve. It suffers little to no problems or hang-ups and you’ll find many apps to aid you in the workplace. Some of them are free, some are not. As for the keyboard, it’s not as easy to type quickly but you’ll get used to it. The support is some of the best. It is not just a toy. It can be a serious tool – you’ll discover this as you learn more of its capabilities and apps.

I’m not an Apple fangirl so I’m not biased in that respect. In fact, I think Steve Jobs is a butthead but, bar none, my iPhone has served me well in both my personal and professional lives.

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Blackberry. And also with the iPhone you can get a cover where it has a keypad which is connected by Bluetooth and you can take it off and on.

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@mazingerz88 why a blackberry? Going upstream there eh? ;-)

@pashley_108 so are you for a blackberry or an iPhone? :-)

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Blackberrys are better I think.

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@pashley_108 and why do you think that unless it hasn’t already been answered here

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Blackberry here. I just was upgraded to the Torch when my previous provider (Altell) was purchased by AT&T. I had the Curve before that.

The BB Torch is a great intermediate phone. Touch screen and slider keypad – which I only use for entering passwords that are number/letter combos. The screen is a good size, the resolution is great… no Angry Birds is about the only downside.

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Are the tides turning?

7–6 Blackberry!

This is getting hard for me!

@pashley_108 so even though I have an iPod/itouch, it’s still worth it with the iphone? So, you’re in favor of the iPhone?

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I think iPhones are good phones. It’s your choice, what are you thinking so far?

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Good god. Don’t buy a phone just because it’s popular. Get the phone that’s the most functional and best bang-for-your buck within your budget, i.e. an Android phone.

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I got an iPhone about a month ago and I love it. It is great to have so many things to play with when waiting in the dentist’s office. It is a bit difficult to type but I had the same problem with my previous phone. I am used to a keyboard and can’t do the thumb thing like most of the kids seem to do. I am practicing though!

I vote for iPhone, it does everything a phone should do and so much more!

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@rooeytoo sorry I don’t agree on the last bit. You can’t send things using Bluetooth to other phones/computers unless it’s an other iPhone, iPad or ipod touch.

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Neither. Buy an HTC Android.

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I just got an iPhone and the book I got to deal with it , iPhones for Dummies, was more complex to figure out than the phone itself. If you’re not tech-savvy, the iPhone is fantasically intuitive. My sister is very techie and prefers an Android.

And I like that my iPhone is shiny.

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@greenergrass However, I also mentioned that I have an itouch – which is enough of a toy for me.

Then get the iPhone and sell the iPod. They’re almost the same thing, why carry two devices?

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iPhone. There are no cons.

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The blackberry brand is dying a slow death, they can hardle compete outside of the enterprise market. I would select the iPhone, but wait until September 5th if you can. That is when the iphone 5 comes out

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Of the two, iPhone. Blackberrys about to go bust.

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I have a blackberry because of work. I hate it. The only thing it is good for is work email. The phone is terrible. It does butt dial all the time. Part of the butt dialing problem I had with one was that it would call the last person I had emailed! My girlfriend said she’d throw it on the freeway if I kept calling her at 6 in the morning.

I love iPhones. But my daughter has an android with a slide out keyboard, so if you’re worried about touch screen keyboard check them out.

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“new versions come out which are even better, which I will want because my version is old and will end up paying full price for each upgrade”

And this doesn’t happen with a blackberry? Are you saying with every release of blackberry it gets worse? Also I’m pretty sure like 3 new blackberries come out every year, only 1 new iPhone annually.

Definitely not a blackberry. Almost everyone i know with one has had some sort of problem with it. They’re not stable, the internet on it sucks, the screen is much smaller, and it’ll probably break on you somehow within a year.

Also iPhones are more noob friendly. You’ll have lots of fun with it. And with the new iPhone system “iOS 5” they will have their own sort of ‘BBM’ called iMessage.

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@greenergrass Because I have a blackberry and I absolutely love it! It’s a very good buisness and email and facebook and everythinjg phone. It’s also not as expensive.

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Ridiculous price.
No customization.

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@JilltheTooth love the shiny factor of the iphone ;-)

Everyone, your input it so helpful and I’m SO thankful to be able to have a community to go to that can answer through personal experiences – so thank you

Now – I am absolutely torn. Though most are rooting for the iPhone I am still split with the blackberry. @pashley_108 Here’s what I’m thinking…I’m not a teenager so I just need a phone for funtionality. As I had said previously, I already have the iPod/itouch so I’m not in need of a device that has games for me. Although the iPhone would offer me apps that work with internet/cell bars, that’s not the main cause of my concern. I really am just looking for functionality – email, calls, how convenient it is to use, and is, as @Ivan says, a bang-for-my-buck. Blackberry has a good email system, iPhone has better call quality. And – maybe I’d be willing to work to accommodate the blackberry. @Aethelflaed, @Ivan, @cletrans2col, maybe I’ll just go with the Android! ;-)

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If you already have an iPod touch, then there’s really no reason for you to get a smartphone at all. Probably your best bet is to sell the iPod, and get a smartphone. That way, you’ll combine the functionality of two of your devices into one.

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Let me start by saying I owned the Blackberry Storm, currently own the HTC Droid Incredible, and I am constantly surrounded by iPhones. I should also mention that I am the IT guy at a private school. I hate Blackberries. When I first owned my BB Storm I loved it, but as soon as I put more than 5 – 10 apps on it, it slowed down to a crawl. Also, I used to spend more time troubleshooting and setting up BB’s than anything else at my job. I quickly set it up so all future smartphone purchases for employees would either be Android or iPhone. Now I set up the employee with their email and I never see their smartphone again (which is a glorious thing). BB are just troublesome and slow. I love my Droid, but it is definitely a Techy phone. My mom got a droid and can’t make heads or tails of it. There are too many menus and settings etc. So b/c you described yourself as non-techy, I would recommend the iPhone. Everyone I know that has one, loves it. Plus if anything goes wrong, you can just bring it into the Apple Store and they will help you out. Apple is well known for their customer service, and for good reason. (Just make sure you get Apple Care….which is Apple’s form of a warranty). The iPhone is simple to understand and use. The menus are simple and well thought out. The app store has tons of apps to choose from. Oh! Almost forgot about battery life. The iPhone, hands down, has the best battery life. Android and BB cannot even compete. So just in general, go for the iPhone. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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And in case you are worried about emails, the iPhone handles email just as well if not better than the BB. The iPhone will notify you whenever you get an email (you can choose how often it checks in the settings to save battery). Plus the iPhone will start working with your email instantly. The BB takes 20 minutes to start getting emails after you set it up and it doesn’t download the emails you already have (which the iPhone will do). Plus the iPhone will work with any email (business or personal) that the BB works with.

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