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Has anyone been to the Mueseum of Modern Art in NYC?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) April 30th, 2008

The National Arts Society at my school is going to visit the MOMA and I was wondering what others opinions were on it. Is it a good experience?

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Yes. It is a spectacular venue for modern art. Images

I hope that your teacher has talked about some of the artists and their work. Otherwise the experience can be pretty overwhelming.

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I was there yesterday! If you like design, photography or art you’ll love it. I’m a photographer and and loved the lighting display on the 3rd floor.

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I personally get “Museumitis” if I try to see too much at one time. Don’t rush. You can always go back.

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Make sure you see the painting(s)(?) by Rousseau. The Dream, is there another one there by him Gail?

A painting by Pablo Picasso called Guernica, depicting the horror of the Spanish Civil War, was on exhibit at MOMA for years and years but it was moved to Spain some years ago, after Franco and the Fascist dictatorships were gone. That was absolutely riveting to see.

Make sure that you are on that trip. This is not to be missed.


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It is a world class museum. I grudgingly admit it is worth the $20 entrance fee. The restaurant there is also pretty great.

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it is my favorite museum. the fine art is beautiful, but be sure to check out the design gallery, which includes beautifully functional objects like vacuums, computers and cars (things you may use everyday, but may not think about as art).

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Well, if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch (or Nokia N or S60 might also work), you should check out the MoMAudio app I found on Launchrz. Seems like a great companion.

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I’ve been twice (but not since they moved), but I’ve determined that I am not a fan of modern art.

I enjoyed one room out of the entire collection (the Monets, Manets, etc). I was particularily perplexed by the exhibit that consisted of three sticks tied together in a teepee formation with a dead rabbit stuck on the top.

And their main exhibit both times that I was there was of Warhol, who I consider a hack.

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I haven’t been there for a while. It’s really nice though. @gail, i get museumitis too, especially at moma.

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