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Whats your perfect weather?

Asked by sleuth9216 (231points) April 30th, 2008 from iPhone

you know, the weather that makes you want to stay outside all day

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75 degrees with a mild breeze.

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I love the hot nights.

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Sunny, with a gentle breeze.

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Camarillo Ca

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Well, Since it’s humid and sunny all the time in Florida, I would have to say breezy ad no humidity.

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A beautiful, sunny 75 degree day in the Spring or Fall.

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72 degrees exactly when there is almost no wind at all, but only in the morning at like 7 or 8!! Its heaven!!

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right now im working in alabama. its around 68 to 75 degrees everyday, ive been on lake guntersville fishing and catching all kind of fish. and the skatepark perfect weather for skating outdoors. right now is the perfect weather in the southeast.

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80 ferenhight or above

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78 and sunny, light cool breeze.

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Spring, where you can wear a jacket if you want to but you don’t have to, the sun is out and it’s just amazingg

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Low to mid 70’s with a nice breeze.

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Sunny, in the mid 30s (fahrenheit) with no wind and 3–5 inches of snow on the ground.


Sunny, in the mid 70s (fahrenheit) with low humidity.

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30 degrees (celsius), sunny with a sea-breeze.

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I will take 85 and humid with no wind.

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Rain is a no-show.

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Thunder/lightening storms are pretty rockin.

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I agree P, but would you want to be in it all day outside?

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No, they are cool to watch from a cozy spot indoors and that’s about the extent it. I guess I’m a fair weather storm lover.

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yes! extreme weather rocks!.....but doesn’t make me want to be outside very much. Hurricanes, typhons, thunder, lightening…..still wanna see a twister and feel an earthquake.

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85 degrees, 0 humidity, clear skies. Even better if I’m at the ocean!

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I like a nice autumn day when it’s cool outside in the 70’s and there’s a nice breeze blowing.

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Great answer iriemuffin
Ypu seasons are Spring and Fall…
Not hot or cold…
Just right….
Plus the colors are a bonus…..

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Between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, and not humid. I could stay outside all day in that!

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