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I have a high pitched electrical squeal in my room. Cannot locate the source.

Asked by Jewel (2428points) July 24th, 2011

I have flipped off all the breakers, one at a time, and finally all at once. Even with NO power in my house, the squeal remains. It is making me and the dog nuts! Any ideas what it might be? I am afraid to go to sleep, afraid that the house may burn down. And I am really tired…

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Do you live in an apartment? You may be hearing something in your walls or from your neighbors.

Is there an air conditioning unit, vent, gutter, or machine of any sort near your room outside?

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@asmonet Thanks! No, I live in a small single family house, 30+ yrs old and in good shape. No AC, vent, gutter or machine nearby. I even walked around in the dark outside to try and locate a source, but it is only audible in my bedroom, and too irritating to ignore. I have lived here for 12 years, and it has never been heard until this afternoon. I may have to go sleep in my car! Argh!!!

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In auto-tech in high school we would use a few feet of garden hose to help us pinpoint where a sound was coming from. It might help.

Could it be your phone? The landline is independent of any breakers that you could flip.

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Oooh! Thank you Johnpowell. I will try the hose and check the phone line!!!

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@johnpowell I owe you! Without the hose (I used a vacume cleaner hose) I would never have found it. Instead of being in the ceiling or walls, it was on the floor, under my bed, in a small box filled with small items. A travel alarm clock with failing batteries! Every ‘Z’ I manage tonight is accomplished in your name! Thank you so much for your help. I was desperate.

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How does the hose thing work?
I am very interested but have absolutely no idea.

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@rebbel :: The idea of the hose isn’t to amplify sound. It is to make it more specific and remove other stuff.

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@johnpowell So, I put it to my ear and, while turning my head, I ‘look’ for a sound?

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@rebbel :: yes.. It is how we pinpointed where a specific sound came from on a running engine making 10 different sounds.

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@johnpowell Wow, learned something convenient today, thank you!

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What a cool tip – sounds almost like something boy scouts would learn/know :)
Kudos to @johnpowell

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Yeah, that hose thing is a really cool survival tip hehe

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@johnpowell very impressive! Well done!

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That’s good Fluther!

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@johnpowell must be some kind of McGyver… I think I’m in lurrrrve :P~~~

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@johnpowell My lonely question could use some wisdom like that

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