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What should I name my blog?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5516points) July 24th, 2011

I’ll be starting up a blog very soon. The synopsis is as follows:

“I am working on buying myself a Eurovan camper in the coming month, and will be using said camper to be going on the adventure of a lifetime! Basically, I’ll be Gypsy-ing it for an indefinite amount of time to indefinite locations. As I go, I’ll be leaving yarn bombs in my wake. I’ll be posting about my route as I go, and if you know I’ll be in a specific area that you want a yarn bomb in, you are welcome to sponsor a bomb in your choice of colors. I will be hitting the road in mid-August! I will be attempting to post every Monday or Tuesday, with extra posts in between if I feel like it. Enjoy!”

I am quite open to ideas. I currently have the name “Pirate Sheep” get it? pirate ship? pirate sheep? ugh never mind… as my place holder on wordpress, but I don’t like it that much and I intend to change it ASAP.

I have a few criteria for what I want in the title.
—It should have something to do with traveling (any variation on the gypsy/nomad theme appeals to me greatly)
—It should have something to do with yarn
—It should say something about what I’m actually doing.
—It should be memorable.

Thanks guys!

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Nothing clever comes to mind so I am going to throw out a bunch of words for starters.


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“Caravan of Yarn”
“Knitting Gypsy Chick Trip”

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Gypsies, Yarn and Thieves. Get it? From Cher’s song Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.
Um, maybe not.

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The Yarn Road…like the Silk Road?
I should add that I’m not very good at this…

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The long and winding yarn.
Ok I’ll quit.

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Gypsy Traveler Spinning Yarns (as in telling stories = spinning yarns)

By the way, I’ve never heard of anything like this before and it’s awesomely hiarious!

Or how about No Skein No Gain

Of With Every Fiber of Her Being

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I vote for No Skein No Gain!

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Yarn Vananarama
I’m Too Sexy For My Yarn
Yarn Odyssey
Yippee Yarn Eurovan Trip
Yarn Across America
Eat My Yarn Why Don’t Cha?

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@mazingerz88 I’m liking Yarn Odyssey!

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Has anyone consulted @Yarnlady? : )

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Oh my god.. you guys are cracking me up!
Definately getting my gears going…

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A Yarn’s Giddy Bomb Road Trip

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Road Trip: A Yarn
A Traveler’s Yarn
A Yarn Yarn

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(Awaiting the) Yarnpocalypse

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I like “A Yarn Yarn” a lot. Also, “The Long and Winding Yarn”, and “With every fiber of her being” quite a bit. Still ruminating… Keep ‘em coming!

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My Big Yarnin’ for the Open Road
The Yarn Bomb Diaries
YarnStorms In a Painted Caravan
Knit One, Purl Two..Coming Soon to a Town Near You
The Gypsy Travels of a Knitting Goddess
From The Caravan of the Knitting Goddess
Travelogue of a Knitting Goddess

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Oh, @DarlingRhadamanthus You never fail me! I lol’d at work just now. I REALLY like “Yarnin’ for the Open Road”

I actually crochet, not knit. My first thought was “The Gypsy Hooker” but I wasn’t sure if I wanted that kind of traffic.

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Okay......@FluffyChicken....give me a bit more time….I’ll come up with something with a hook! lol

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Hook, Yarn and Thinker
Hooked on A Wheeling this is awful, but it’s so bad I had to put it in
The Gypsy Yarn Queen Takes to the Road
The Gypsy Crocheting Caravaner
Odyssey of a Gypsy Yarn Queen (Princess, Goddess, Girl, Woman, Sister,Mermaid)
Sisterhood of the Travelling Yarn Bombs
Yarnstorming America
Yarnstorming Great Britain
The Yarnstomer Diaries
Diary of a Gypsy Yarnstormer
When The Gypsy Yarns for the Open Road

Yarnstorming/Yarnstorm/Yarnstormer comes from “barnstorming” which is why I am partial to that word. You are basically going to go places and leave yarnbombs….in the old days, a “barnstormer” would fly his/her airplane from farm to farm (hence, “barnstorm”) as there were only few landing strips and airports. So, farmers would put them up wherever they landed. And sometimes, unfortunately they “crashed/stormed the barn”! Now, it is mostly associated with politicians who get on a bus and go from place to place to deliver speeches when they are running for office….here is the book definition of a “barnstomer”:

barn·storm (bärnstôrm)
v. barn·stormed, barn·storm·ing, barn·storms
1. To travel around the countryside making political speeches, giving lectures, or presenting theatrical performances.
2. To appear at county fairs and carnivals in exhibitions of stunt flying and parachute jumping.
3. To travel around an area appearing in exhibition sports events, baseball games.
you probably already know all this Jeopardy trivia, but threw this in

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Oohhh I love all this information. A bit of history in the name never hurts.

I’m very very partial to “Hook, Yarn and Thinker” I’m trying to find a replacement word for thinker/sinker that has more to do with travelling and that just may be it!

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Hook, Yarn, and Floater? What Do y’all think? (or does that sound too much like a poop joke?) Hook, Yarn and Trekker? I don’t know how to weave in that end.

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Hook, Yarn, and Yonder.

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Traveling yarns of a gypsy knitter

Unraveled travel

The roving skein

I’m not awake enough to be in full creative throtle, lol

@DarlingRhadamanthus Haha, ” Hooked on a wheeling” lolol

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oooohhhhh @augustlan I reallly really like that.

OK, so it’s between “The Gypsy’s Yarn” and “Hook, Yarn, and Yonder”

Ready… Fight!

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Where is @Yarnlady???

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@Kardamom I should like to know the same thing!

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So I came across this trying to find people to help with my blog name. Never mind that. Please can you post a link to your blog??? Sounds epic!

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