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Your swimming place of choice, would be where?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 24th, 2011

I have known people who would only swim in a pool, they did not want to deal with any pollution in a bay, seaweed, seal <ahem> you know what, or anything they might step on like jellyfish, plus they liked the idea of controlled water temp. Others were the opposite, they could not stand pools because of the chlorine. They didn’t want to be in confined an area with splashing kids and those who could not leave the pool quick enough to make it to the bathroom. Some picked a middle ground and go for a lake or river, the river being only a clear running one. Muddy ones like the Mississippi or the Sacramento they did not like. 7 out of 10 times what is the location or venue you choose to go swimming and why there?

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As long as the sun’s out and the water is decently clean, I’m in.

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I would love to be able to swim in the hotel pool and use the spa every day of the week. That way I wouldn’t have to pay for the upkeep on the pool in my back yard, or put up with the house full of wet towels every time we are finished playing.

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I am there right now…Shawano Lake Wisconsin! The water is dead calm and perfect temp! Wish you all could join me! ;)

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I pick no where. Too freaked out by the potential contamination of any type of water honestly. I understand that its not nearly as bad as I think it is and that the body is designed to fight off whatever it is that i’m afraid of however id rather not…

One bad camping incident resulting in several infections has left me scarred for a loooong time.

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Pool for sure. Screened in outdoor salt pool. That’s what I had in FL and I loved it.

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In a pool. I don’t do the whole pond/lake/ocean stuff. Creeps me out.

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Give me a body of water, any water, and I’ll attempt to swim in it. I do enjoy the convenience and privacy of my own pool though.

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Anywhere at all. I love to swim.

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The sea is filthy. Pools only.

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I’m gonna answer this question backwards. This is what I never want to see in a pool again:

Years ago I was spent Army Reserve Summer Camp near Death Valley, CA. It was super hot, so I decided a nice swim would help. It was a nice swim until a scorpion floated past my nose.

I’m not that much of a fan of swimming anyway, and that was one of the last times I went swimming.

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Oh this is so easy for me to answer! lol

I live 5 minutes from the beautiful American River in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I am a river girl 100%.
Other than that, I float in my cold hot tub in the summer. Going out now actually, beer in hand, after a long day at my river store. :-)

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Whatever’s available. I prefer lakes. Enjoy oceans and waves and beaches. Have fun in pools. It’s all good.

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A natural hot spring pool is my first choice. Especially if it’s outdoors, in the mountains and not overly developed. Hot water and cool air are a no-lose situation.

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Lake Placid, on the west shore, beyond the road, and accessible only by boat.

The water is clear, deep, cold and pure. When I had a camp there, we sank a pump and pipe about 40 feet down and used the lake water for drinking. Swimming in it, if you can stand the cold, makes you thinner, younger and richer.

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I have swam across the Mississippi River, in the Pacific Ocean, and in Lake Tahoe and Lake Shasta, but I prefer a nice clean pool with a shiny blue bottom, so I can see there is nothing to bite me, infest me, or sicken me. It’s a tragedy that most public and hotel pools are overloaded with urine and chlorine.

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I know of some beautiful places near my home to go swimming and few alittle farther….I like to swim

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My daughter would like to answer a question… I’m letting her answer this one (she’s quite young:D )

i love 2 swim at the YMCA in montana but no slide but its fun :] i’m really young so i’ve got a lot of pools in my future soo yay

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@filmfann I have never had any problem with a hotel pool. We stay in Marriott’s most of the time.

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My own answer would be Lake Martin in Alabama (if it’s still clean), Rehoboth Beach, or up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

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My favorite swimming experience was in Greece. It was below the temple at Sounion where Perseus’ father threw himself off the cliff because Perseus hadn’t changed the sail to indicate victory. On the north side of that prominence you could climb down into that gorgeous aquamarine colored water to swim. It was salty enough that you were buoyed up by the water and I felt that my weak swimming skills were not a handicap. There were little shallow caves you could swim into. One of my unforgettable experiences.

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A beach in the South Pacific.

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A burn on the island of Skye. We were hot and dusty having cycled up from Armadale and when we saw the cool inviting waters of the Sligachan Burn we went straight in. It is a small burn but had a pool in which we could swim and a waterfall we could shower under. The water was not cold having been warmed by the sun as it came down from the mountains.

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I love swimming in the sea.

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