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What should I do tomorrow?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) May 1st, 2008

I got a day off work and I need to do something. I live in San Diego. I need ideas.

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Have you been to Tijuana yet?

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Yeah. I’ve been there twice and had trouble with the police both times. Bullshit stuff. I especially don’t wanna go right now with all the kidnapping and murders that have been happening.

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Get your nails done!

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Go to lunch with a friend, shopping then the beach. Sorry, cliched. Ive only been to sandiego a couple times so I dont know much to do there.

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Yeah, it’s pretty shitty but worth seeing once, which you’ve already done. Scrips pier area has a cool beach. I went to a Padres game last summer. The stadium is cool, and right in the center of everything, downtown. If it were a few months from now I’d say go to the horse races at Del Mar. Keep that in mind, it’s super fun. Del Mar is a pretty fancy track, plus they have free live music on the weekends by well-known musicians. I think cake played one day last year, for free. Everyone at Del Mar seems to get pretty toasted, so it certainly makes things a little more exciting.

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spring cleaning.

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Doesn’t anyone know I’m guy? Get my nails done? Shopping? Cleaning???

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uhh…hello….mothers day is coming up…..

guys can shop too = )

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hahahah…..and lads can’t get pedicures? You should try, it might be fun!

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i think most guys need them more than girls do, guys have funky feet

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lol… true. A leg wax wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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lmao i had a friend who shaved his entire body for his girlfriend

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That’s dedication’!! (assuming he was hairy of course)

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i guess he used the same razor (that was already used….) and because of it he ended up getting a boil on his butt

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that’s………...disturbingly disgusting

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i agree.
i think he was high

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on meth? Maybe it wasn’t for his girlfriend…

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picture a stoned beevis

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hahah, awesome….

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No offense, but you could visit the fluther guidelines on your day off.

You asked a very similar question two weeks ago.

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McBealer; actually it was four similar questions..Check out siblings. (Day off, ghost towns, burgers and pizzas in San Diego.)

Simone54: No offence, but how about buying a guide book?

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Torrey Pines State Reserve

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San Diego Zoo.

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@ gailcalled ~ you’re probably right. No siblings show up on the iPhone fluther website :0)

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Ruben H Fleet Science Center, I always enjoy going there. Disneyland is always fun, Seaworld. Or if you’re alone, go to the movies, ?library?, watch movies!!!

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shave your chest

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play some golf.

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Kevbo wins. I went to Torrey Pines.

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Was it nice? How were the waves? There’s good surf there.

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Yeah it was nice today. I didn’t notice the waves, I didn’t go down to the beach, I just did the first two easy trails.

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San Diego zoo sounds like a fun thing to do.

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