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Doing anything for May day?

Asked by wildflower (11167points) May 1st, 2008

I’m curious to hear from all fellow Flutherites what, if anything, is happening near you today, May 1st.

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Yes. But not on the first day of May. But, this Sunday the fam and I will hit the May Day Parade here in beautiful Minneapolis. I don’t know how long a parade has been organized, but I’ve been going for at least fifteen years if not twenty. Equal parts hippy love feet, anarchist finger in your eye, and workers’ party call to action it has something for everyone. My oldest Fon stilted last year, and this year he and his brother will be wearing awesome rat masks that we spent the last few weeks constructing.

If anyone is interested I’ll try to post some pictures.

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its may day?

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Now it is! Only 22 days till my birthday, that’s fun to wake up to. Almost 16!

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Hurray Hurray for the First of May
Outdoor fking, begins today

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hahahah….I like that song!

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Workers unite!

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Yay for working? Bah.

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It would be so cool to watch all those customs people wear in those parades. May day has turned upside down, huh! It used to be “the workers united will never be defeated”. Although that slogan sounds more familiar in the Obama campaign nowadays where race has transcended boundaries…....hmmmm

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A heck of a lot more than I do for “May NOT day” that’s for sure.

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May Day is lei day in Hawaii… That’s all I remember of the song that I grew up singing. LOL! Here in Idaho they don’t do didely squat. Such a bummer too, since it snowed last night and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground. thbbbp!

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Fucking outside. :]

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Dancing around my fancy pole.

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pick up many dollar bills so far?

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You know it. My socks are getting full.

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lol… you look smashing with your stuffed socks!

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Nothing special. Just dusting off my resume.

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flowers, flowers, flowers!

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