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Can you suggest some crafting resources for a crafting idiot?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21483points) July 25th, 2011

So, here’s the deal. I love to craft, but I am a crafting idiot. I lack many of the basic resources that most hardcore crafters have and I have a short attention span. On top of that, I lack many of the basic skills that a dedicated crafter has, like the ability to sew or cut paper in a straight line. Glue, I love. I love gluing stuff to other stuff, and I even love painting but usually a solid color as all of my visual artistic skills are about what colors look pretty together.

Having said that, can the collective suggest any resources or projects for a crafting idiot like me?

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You need to find a Hobby Lobby and browse through there and get ideas.

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Maybe admitting a love for glue is a bad idea. :P

Check out

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So it sounds like you don’t want to make a huge investment in supplies and tools for one particular craft, is that right? You want something versatile so you can play at it for a little while one day and do something else another day. And you don’t want any one project or activity to take too long. Correct?

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Decoupage ! This was one of the first crafts I learned and I still enjoy it over 30 years later. Best of all, it involves glue!

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Check out local Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Home Depot (!) for free or low cost classes in things that interest you. I took a ½ day Saturday seminar for free at Home Depot on decorative mosaics.

Also sewing machine specialty stores have beginner classes in everything stitchery. My local Bernina store offers a quilting class for all levels of experience that I really enjoyed taking. I think it was $45 for 8 weeks.

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Look for jewelry making classes in your area. You make some basic projects in class, so you have an instructor available when you hit a snag. And it’s great for short attention spans – depending on complexity, you can finish a project in just a few minutes or an hour.

If you decide you like it, there are advanced classes that you can take; you can go as far as you want.

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Oh, dear, I swear I knew nothing about the glue love!
Joann’s has bunches of stuff as well, MyMouse, and classes, sometimes.

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Make cute, sexy, glamourous or zany hair clips!


Hot glue gun, plain barrettes, faux jewels, stones, ribbons, feathers, lace, etc.

I have a really cute pair of Daisy clips that are just silk flowers hot glued to a couple of spring clips. They look really cute pulling your hair back at the sides, or on the end of pigtails! lol

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This is what you would like I’m almost positive. My wife did this before she became disabled and she made some phenomenal pieces/ sculptures and figures. It’s easy and the tools needed to start up are pretty minimal. And yes gluing is needed to do it…go.

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I’ve been a crafter for most of my life, mainly because I would rather “do it myself”. Identify why you want to be a crafter, and what you enjoy doing, then go for it.

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Sorry guys, I asked the question and then went off to work.

@Jeruba: Yeah, you are correct. I don’t have the room, the patience or the funds to be a hardcore crafter. I might invest in a hot glue gun because they are not that expensive, easy to store, and hot glue is useful for everything.

I really like this project sooooooo much gluing, and a giant balloon! and it’s simple, the materials are cheap and it can be completed in the time it would take to watch a movie.

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@KatawaGrey Hey, that’s nifty!

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Where I live,we have Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby.
You might be able to find some supplies through Cheap Joe’s
Floorcloths are fun and easy to make.
Have fun!

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I have found a lot of ideas on All Crafts

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Toothpick sculptures? Glue one to another and built decorative sculptures, boxes, designs, anything you wish. Google: Toothpick Sculpture Ideas.

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I agree with @tedibear—decoupage is an awesome, low cost, low space-use way to do crafts. You would need only 4 things- ModPodge, a sponge brush, paper and something to stick the paper on.
Paper can be- magazine clippings, cut out words (doesn’t even have to be neatly cut, and if you want to cut neatly, get one of those cutters that scrapbookers use), torn up tissue paper ($1.49 from Wal Mart wrapping section) torn up colorful napkins… basically, if it’s paper, it can be used.
“Something to stick on” can be a glass vase (covered with torn up tissue paper=gorgeous), can be a wood plague (any craft shop has wood plagues in varying shapes), a journal (buy any journal and have fun covering), planters, frames, stretched canvas, you name it.
Then, basically glue the scraps of paper in varying layers all over the object you want to cover, one layer at a time (let dry in between layers). Sponge brushes work best.
4 items and a paper covered table. Fast, easy and fabulous! ( did I just say that 0_o)

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@KatawaGrey – I like that doily thing. You could do little ones and make christmas ornaments!

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Popcicle stick projects. Lots of things to make there.

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Christmas in July!

Not a lot of specialized crafting equipment to buy or master.

Can really get creative with the little figurines. D&D battle to the death snow globe!

And best of all…IT INVOLVES GLUE!!


Modular origami.

No specialized crafting materials.

Really repetitive. Good while-watching-a-movie project.

Edit: Shoot. It’s actually 54 minutes into August.

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I’ll second Hobby Lobby! lol, I spend too much time in there.

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