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Strange period, don't know what's wrong?

Asked by Christina070 (106points) July 25th, 2011

So I started my period 2 days ago.Yesterday, it suddenly stopped for a few hours and then it went again. Then today, the same thing happened and no blood came out for like a few hours while I am supposed to be on my ‘heaviest’ day. Is this something that can happen, or should I worry? Also, this time before I started my period I did not have any signs that it was going to start while normally my skin gets worse and my breasts very tender etc.

Oh and I must say that I took the morning after pill about 2 weeks ago, can this have something to do with it?

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Call you doctor right away and discuss the issue. It could be serious.

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I would take a pregnancy test. Make sure you don’t have an ectopic pregnancy.

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Definitely go get checked. If you took the morning after pill…and you are spotting like that, it may have to do with the status of what is going on with you. I agree with @JLeslie…you may have become pregnant anyway or the pill was not effective completely. Don’t put it off. If money is a problem, please go to a free clinic (and or Planned Parenthood if in the US.)

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It is best you get yourself to a doctor to check… Abnormal bleeding may link to something else, so it is best to find out earlier and sort it out. Goodluck!

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Don’t get all freaked that it is something dire like cancer by what people have written. There is no reason to think it is anything but hormones or pregnancy. Ectopic is very dangerous so you have to rule that out if you are pregnant.

Did you take a pregnancy test?

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The morning after pill can definitely cause a shift in your hormones and it may take a cycle for things to balance back out. I agree with @JLeslie about taking a pregnancy test just to be sure the morning after pill worked correctly. If you are really concerned, you definitely can get checked by a doctor. If you aren’t really sure if you should make an appointment, you can always call them to see if they think you should come in to be seen.

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