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Homemade hair removal cream?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 26th, 2011

Do any of you know a homemade removal cream which doesn’t involve waxing?
My skin is very sensitive and my skin feels like it’s on fire when I wax so I don’t want to do that anymore.
Any ideas?

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Has anyone done this before? Does it actually work? It sounds like a good idea.

Mix 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 4 tsp. of honey and apply in direction of hair. Let it sit 10–15 minutes and rinse. Twice a week treatments should do the trick for most people.

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It’ll be a nice mask for your skin, but it won’t remove hair. At best, the lemon juice (if used in the sun) will bleach your hair for you.

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I’d be very cautious about mixing up anything in my home to dissolve solids and then applying it to my own body. I am not a professional and I’m not gonna pretend I am on that one. Your mixture won’t do anything but taste decent and make you sticky,

If you don’t like conventional shaving, can’t handle waxing and aren’t cool with letting nature take her course you could always buy an electric shaver.

I use the Panasonic Close Curves one and it works wonderfully for me. I shave maybe every other day, takes me less than ten minutes and I don’t get any pain, cuts or noxious smells.

The only time it has pinched my skin is if I let my hair grow out for a long time out of laziness or it being winter, it can pinch then unless you go over everything with the trimmer first. But still, it works wonderfully and the pinch is quick and you barely notice it. No lingering pain or damage.

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Just go out and buy some Nair. They have sensitive skin treatments, too. I wouldn’t go try to make my own. Anything that would dissolve hair would probably dissolve skin as well.

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Have you tried an epillator. Its what I use. Every now again it hurts. You do have to exfoliate. But it works.

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have you tried sugaring it just like waxing and u use the same procedure like waxing but u can use it hot or cold and it only sticks to the hair not you skin so it doesnt hert as bad.
2 cups sugar
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup water
mix all the ingredients together in small sauce pan untill sugar has melted. try to keep it from boiling. once melted you can either let cool or aply hot. use a popsickle stick to smear paste onto your skin in the direction of your hair growth place a waxing strip ontop of the creme mixture. like waxing peel the strip off in the opisite direction of hair growth. if the mixture does not peel of all the hair the sugar was not completely melted into the mixture.
hope you like sugaring

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