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Who is your favourite musical artist when you need to mellow out and chill?

Asked by Schroedes13 (3886points) July 26th, 2011

Just wondering what bands/artists other Jellies listen to when they need to relax, mellow out, chill, meditate, or just destress!!! LET ME KNOW!

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There are a lot.
Leslie Roy.
Secondhand Serenade.
A Man With Robot Hands.
Mydearjuliet or Jarrod Matthews.
Shayne Orok.
Escape The Fate.
Ice Nine Kills.
And so on…

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There are lots and lots and lots but I always come back to Frank Zappa.

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Nick Drake.
Or Dinah Washington.
Or Mariza.

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Feist, Tegan and Sara, The Weakerthans. 100% Canadian, too :)

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@Seelix Oh come on. The Canucks have done anything that good since they sent the Cup down south where it belongs.

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@Adirondackwannabe – Take a listen to those loverly ladies and gents and get back to me then. :P

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Feist: I Feel it All (my favourite song of hers), and So Sorry (more of a chill-out song)

Tegan and Sara: My Number, Living Room

The Weakerthans: Hospital Vespers, Plea From a Cat Named Virtute

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@Seelix I stand corrected. Those are excellent. I bow to your Canadian charms.

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Matt Pond PA
Broken Bells
Boards of Canada
Jose Gonzalez

Usually I find new music from Pandora, but I’ll definitely be checking out the artists in this thread.

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@Seelix :: Try Propagandhi if you want some Canadian punk rock. It was the singer for The Weakerthans old band.

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Norah Jones

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@johnpowell – Oh, I know. I saw them play in my little hometown in ‘98 or so. :)
And they’re still kickin’, even without John K.

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The Corrs. A friend gave me one of their CDs, and we’d play it Friday afternoons in our meeting room while cleaning up after week-long classes. It was a great way to wind down. Here is one of their songs: Little Wing

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Here is a whole page of great music.

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They dont call them Classic for nothin’

The Chairman of the board. Mellowness personified.

“when I was 21, it was a very good year…”

But Harry Connick Jr. will do in a pinch.

Or Willie Nelson singing “Stardust” or “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground”

George Jones
“He Stopped Loving her Today..they placed a wreath upon his door. Soon they’ll carry him away. He stopped loving her today…”

Anne Murray
Could I Have This Dance

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Hexstatic – Funky!

Thievery Corporation – Psychedelic!

Chris Joss – Pensive!

Bonobo – Inspiring!

Charlie Chaplain – Makes your heart swell with pride!

These all soothe me in a different way, give them a listen!

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Three of my favorites are mentioned above: Portishead, Sigur Ros & Elysian Fields. Angus and Julia Stone, Lamb, Fiona Apple, Tool.

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I can’t believe no one said Enya. Come on, people…

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@DominicX It was included in the list I provided- my bad for not explicitly mentioning it!

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Lately, my “De-stress” bands have been Franz Ferdinand,Scissor Sisters,Robots in Disguise, and Alo and The Narcissist. I could even name certain tracks-but that might be too specific. I also like to use music to get energized during the early part of the day while the coffee is kicking in. to do work around the house, and especially for being creative. (painting,etc.)

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Seabear, Dianogah, Sparklehorse, and Cloud Cult immediately come to mind.

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The first song I think of is Sarah McLachlan’s Elsewhere .

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E.S. Posthumus.

Works great no matter how I feel.

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Or I just listen on repeat these 2 tracks one after the other because there’s no way to be able to listen to them separately ^^

THIS followed by this one

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Throwing on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is a must. Very relaxing.

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Frank Zappa

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Debussy. La Mer especially.

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Classical is always nice. Chopin is one of my faves.

I also have a new-agey CD by Ray Lynch. It’s pretty mellow and relaxing.

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Sinatra, hands down.

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