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Can I completely replace my landline phone with Skype?

Asked by AshlynM (9661points) July 26th, 2011

I’m brand new to the Skype thing.

I’m aware you can’t make emergency calls with it and the the security may or may not be secure.

I’ve never actually used Skype before but I’m just looking at different options to replace my landline.


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I can’t say if you can or can’t completely replace it, but one thing you have to consider is the fact that all your contacts need to have and use Skype too.
Then there is of course, for example, the taxi service that you’ll have to call through, or landlines or cell.
So I guess completely lose the landlines is possible but it will need some work.

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I don’t think Skype is ready for a prime time landline replacement option.
The best options for landline replacement are Cell phones or IP based service like Vonage.

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can you? Sure. Should you? Probably not. Among the disadvantages:
* As you said, no 9–1-1 service. That’s a pretty big problem
* If your internet goes down for any reason, your phone is out.
* If your internet is slow for any reason, call quality could be horrible
* Making Skype-to-real-phone calls cost money. Depending on how often you use the phone, it could end up costing more than a regular phone line. Only Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

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@blueiiznh Hit it. Cell or VoIP is a replacement for “plain old telephone service” including “911 service”.
Skype is good for connecting with other people that have a Skype account.
To connect to another land-line and cell costs per month $3.00 and up. And receiving land-line and cell calls require you to get “Skype Number” for $6.00 or more per month.

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No. A cell phone could do that, and you could rely on Skype to have lower cellphone bills, but you can’t really have Skype only.

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The reception on Skype can be questionable. You can get a tunnel effect, booming noises, and other weird effects.

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Skype is offering low costs for calls, where as comparing with landlines.. but voice clearence is not good in skype compare with landlines..

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