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Airsoft Snipers, do you turn your Hop Up on or off ?

Asked by iwamoto (5261points) July 26th, 2011

I have an L96 Type sniper that shoots 450 Fps, i bought a new 3×9–56Mm scope (nice and wide) and when looking up videos to calibrate the new scope, some people gave the advise to just turn the hop up off , i wonder if turning it off completely will mess up the flight path in a downwards way. anyone have expeirience with the technique ?

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I don’t but my brother does. I’ll send him a text and hopefully get back soon

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I do. With hop up on, the flight path will be flat for the first 12–18 yards. Then it will move up an inch or two peaking at about 30–35 yards then it will drop off ballistically like a typical airsoft.
The hop up will give you an extra 10–15 yards with minimal drop. Decide on the closest place you expect to use it, then go out and see where it lines up a second time. If you sight in at 10 yards you will also be sighted in at 40 yards for example. You will shoot high about 1–2 inches at 25 yards.

With hop up off and you sight it at 10 yards you will shoot high 2–3 inches at 25 yards and drop off at 35 yards. Obviously your mileage may vary.
I have chronographed mine. It is an amazing piece of equipment. Enjoy.

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