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When placing an indoor tv antenna do you point it in the direction of the nearest cable towers or in the direction of the nearest window/door to get best reception?

Asked by btamayo (14points) May 1st, 2008

I just bought the Winegard SS2000 and my cable towers are located about 30 miles away (all stations from the same approx. location) I live in a two story apartment on the first floor with lots of trees.

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Though I’m no expert in the field, I’ve worked closely with guys that study wave propagation. They often told me that in urban environments radio waves do some really bizarre things. A nearby chain-link fence or a small body of water can reflect the waves in unusual patterns. I’m guessing that pointing the waves at the towers themselves will give you better results (unless perhaps the building is built of thick concrete, bricks or something similar)... Alas, I think you shall have to do the old trial & error trick to find where you get the best reception.

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