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When do you think relationships usually end?

Asked by chelle21689 (7769points) July 26th, 2011

Past the 3 month mark, 6th, or what?

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When you get tired of each other. No set time frame.

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Whenever you lose that connection, respect for one another, and trust.

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When your perfect lover just looks like a perfect fool.

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Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and put together two pieces that seem to fit, but aren’t right? The longer you let them stay connected, the more obvious the match is wrong, and it can throw everything else off.
It’s kind of like that.

I know. I need more therapy

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Spring break, and just before Christmas.

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football season

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@FluffyChicken Don’t forget after graduation and at the end of the summer.

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When one or both partners give up on the relationship. Relationships take work, and both partners need to be willing to give it their all.

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People come and go throughout our lives, it’s part of the journey. Hold on loosely. ;-)

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I think a relationship is done when you are out of the “honeymoon phase”. The “honeymoon phase” is when the relationship becomes no more fun than it is work. You shouldn’t have to work at a relationship. Of course working at problems and differences, but working at liking your time with that person, or wishing you were elsewhere when you two are together. Basically, when you heart isn’t in it, you shouldn’t be either.

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You shouldn’t have to work at a relationship? Where?

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I mean work at a relationship like a job you don’t like. It’s that thing you dread doing everyday. That isn’t the kind of “work” you should do in a relationship. Sorry for not clarifying.

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Sort of like, she’s got the job,has a house and a car and she makes it plain she’s supporting you and you just stay there cause you got nowhere to go? That kind of job?

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If you’re doing it right, it should be more like a hobby that you cherish, love, and perhaps spend too much (okay, so for love, it’s probably never enough) time with. Do issues come up with your hobbies? Sure! But you eventually get over them and get back together.

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No, like when you wake up in the morning and don’t want to “go” to the relationship and “call in sick for a few days”.

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That’s when you temp out then come back to the job that pays.

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Good couples should know when the other needs some space.

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@FluffyChicken and @wundayatta Don’t forget before birthdays and valentines day.
Why is it guys tend to break up before Christmas, birthdays and vacation times? I wonder.
Hmmm! Could it be because they are cheap bastard who don’t want to buy presents and want a chance to hook up over vacation time with someone else?

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Because eventually you see who the person really is. And sometimes you don’t like what you see.

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If you’re just dating, it’s when you realize you’re wasting your time. Being married, it’s different. People change and you don’t always change in compatible ways. To me staying together is adjusting to the differences between you so you still feel good about being together. If that doesn’t happen, the resulting tensions may cause a break up.

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When you look at the other person and more often than not you feel anger, disgust, irritation, confusion, jealousy or boredom rather than feeling turned on by them, or thrilled and tingly to be in their presence, or have that deep down warm and delightful contented feeling of being with them or have that great sense of respect and actual like (not just lust) for them.

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I don’t think most of us have a time frame that always comes around for ending relationships, but there are some people that do. For those people, it’s usually after a specific timeframe (like after dating a year or something like that) and it’s usually because of some kind of fear of commitment or intimacy (not always the reason). For the rest of us, they just end when the people no longer want to be together for whatever reason. Some couples just grow apart over time while others have some specific issue that caused their relationship to fall apart.

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When one or both people disengage from the relationship and no longer have the motivation to keep it going.

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Around about the time their face turns purple “mid-throttle” is usually a good indicator.

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When one or both partners bail on the relationship. Please say your guy didn’t.

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Its not scientific in the least but….

I’ve found most of my relationships (be they serious or not) tend to start in the early months of the year (January-March)..... and most tend to end sometime in the mid fall (October in particular).

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