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What are the signs when a man is falling in love with you?

Asked by kksw (13points) May 1st, 2008

C’mon help men!

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He can’t help himself but smile each time you walk in the room

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He listens!

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He’ll endure a chick-flick (a la Dirty Dancing) with you, without fishing for a ‘reward’

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Finds any excuse to spend time with you/ be near you. Wants to learn about you and what you like.

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In the context of what kind of relationship already?

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he buys flowers just b cuz its Tuesday ( or any day for that matter ) basically no special ocassion.

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If you’re the only thing he thinks about…

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Awww, guess i mean in the sense he laughs at everythin i say no matter how silly, and always smells me. haha. hope he is.

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So he’s already your boyfriend, but you want to know if he’s falling in love with you or not?

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when I can’t sleep without her and easily fall asleep next to her.

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That’s so cute! Unfortunately I think the second part can easily be misread by the lady in question….

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She actually hates it when I fall asleep out of nowhere but I just get so comfortable as she is with me. She does it 70/30 then me but when we are separated I can’t sleep. I need my honey to sleep next to or I sleep really late.

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When they use terminology such as beautiful instead of pretty, compliment seemingly insignificant aspects of your appearance, they believe your just as attractive when your hair is rumpled & all your makeup is missing, they wanna kiss your toes, they will voluntarily lay with you & hold you close if you’ve been experiencing extreme pain & had to take a very strong painkiller which places you way out of your right mind, & they call you even if they can only talk for 5 minutes or less so they can hear your voice,

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@Sloane – those don’t mean love in my case (e.g. I like rumpled hair and lack of makeup, and can find/call women beautiful without being in love with them).

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