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How can traveling effect someone?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1868points) July 27th, 2011

In what ways, positive, negative?

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It broadens your horizons and helps you understand the lives of others.outside of your community. You learn that there are other belief systems. You learn that even mundane tasks can be performed in different ways. Why does a Japanese wood saw cut on the pull stroke and an American cut on the push?
You don’t know what you don’t know until you walk around with your eyes open in other places.

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I agree with @worriedguy It simply broadens our horizons. Hopefully it makes a person less ethnocentric and less xenophobic, if that had some of that in them. Although, I find there are two types of people when it comes to travel. There are those who observe other cultures and lifestyles, and continue to always think us and them. And, then there are those who take their favorite things from the new people they have interacted with and incorporate it into their own lives.

Aside from the new people you see and interact with, you get to see more of the majestic beauty on our incredible planet. Mountains, ocean, desert, tropics, forest. Earth is incredibly varied in climate and topography.

You also can experience new foods, local dishes vary even just from one part of a country to another, you don’t have to even cross a border. But, going to other countries has the most variety of course.

Moreover, The architecture in cities and even in the countryside is interesting and varied from place to place. If you live in newer cities in south FL, where almost everything is stucco, you may never have experienced the old New England architecture, let alone a castle in Europe.

Really, there is so much to see and experience, I recommend you get started.

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I forgot to mention some negatives. The only negative I can think of is it can make you long to move from where you live if you really prefer another pace once having visited. If ou never see another city, I guess you never know what you are missing. Igorance can be bliss Guess?

Oh, and jet lag sucks. It is exhausting and annoying.

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It broadens your perspective.
It is enjoyable.
You can have adventures.

You can get homesick.
You can catch Montezuma’s revenge.
You can get sick on airplanes.

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In my life, I have traveled a lot. I have lived in five different states and have taken more road trips than I can remember. I have gone from Alabama to Montana, Montana to Arizona, Arizona to South Dakota, and finally South Dakota to Minnesota. In doing so, I have opened my mind to many different cultures and customs in different reigions of our country. I now feel that because of all the moves I have the ability to be quite understanding, and more flexible.
Unfortunately, there is a downside. The downside is that when we have moved to smaller towns, I was never fully accepted. Mainly, I was the outsider to the small towns. “The weird, friendly, new kid” that talks to everyone because he doesn’t know the rumors about people from before. Also, I’ve never had those roots/family history in the towns that we have lived in that were smaller. As for homesickness, I miss my home in Alabama everyday. That’s a negative too.
There are pros and cons to everything, but I enjoy traveling.

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Personally, I have to travel to see my family. Maintaining those bonds with actual personal contact is a huge benefit of travel.

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