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Which girl is better looking and why?

Asked by evry1luvzaazngrl (268points) July 27th, 2011

I have two pictures of girls here with different styles. One is more trendy, sexy, naughty,with that hot girl look. The other is more conservative, classy, innocent, with not really a sexy look.
Is one far more better looking, a little bit more, or about the same??

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Going based on looks alone, and ignoring style, I think that the 2nd girl has a prettier face. I really try not to judge people by their style of dress. I think I outgrew that in middle school. I hope, anyhow.

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I’m going to go with door number 2

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I think most men prefer the first set of pictures and most girls prefer the 2nd type. I think a lot of men like the “hot” sexy look more than the “innocent”.

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They both look the same to me. I dunno maybe I have my glasses on wrong :P

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One girl is not better looking than the other. Both are very attractive in a natural way meaning they could be without makeup and still be pretty, approachable, pleasant seeming. The first girl leaves me with the impression she is older, that’s about it.

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I thought they were the same too.

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Are they the same girl with different looks?

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No, lol that’s funny. I went on a different site posting this and no one mentioned thinking they were the same girl. First girl is Laotian. Second girl is Thai, Chinese Filipino.

I tried to make it fair on this site posting the same “type” of pictures because I guess the first girl’s pictures on the other site seem to give off a promiscuous vibe so I chose pictures that didn’t have her posing, making kissy faces, and not wearing tight clothing so that people judge the facial appearance rather than make judgements on the style of clothing labeling her a whore.

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The second one is prettier.

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Neither are my type & both are fairly average looking in my opinion.
I think the first one is Michelle Wie the golfer.

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Number 2 is prettier and less “hot” looking, and more cute. Slutty was the wrong wording haha.

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Neither are my type, but, I will go with door number 2 as the prettier girl.

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I think most men prefer the first set of pictures and most girls prefer the 2nd type. Clothes notwithstanding, many guys like a female that can look attractive without all the war paint. I would go with number two all the way. Dress it just dress, I seen gals act hoochie in baggy sweats and over-sized jersey shirts and those in minis and a tube top who’s hoo haa was locked tight like Fort Knox. For me is how naturally pretty she is, if she has to great the look vis Ravlon, Almay, Cover Girl, etc, I am thinking she is putting all that one for some reason.

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I wasn’t asking if they were your type of if you found them attractive. I was asking if one looked better than the other or were about the same is all.

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2nd girl was prettier. There wasn’t much to see in clothing. I thought the second one was prettier because she didn’t wear too much make up and in some it looked like she had no makeup.
Number one also looked like she had attitude by the way she posed for her photos. The make up and her poses made her look unfriendly and older.
Number two looked friendly in her photos. Her smile was sweet and her face looked fresh.
Both were attractive in their own way however number one poses make her off putting and so she doesn’t look attractive all the way through.

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This is quite interesting. The other site preferred the first girl but I think that the members on there seemed to be on the younger side (late teens and early twenties). But it is nice to see that everyone has a different opinion and preference rather than just one.

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@evry1luvzaazngrl Yeah, the mean age here is probably above early twenties lol.

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So what is that to say about the older crowd about the preference on the girl? They like less make up? lol The other site found the first girl far more prettier and sexy.

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Two is far more appealing and pretty.

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I looked at faces only. IMO, both ladies are beautiful. Neither one is “prettier” than the other.

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All I see is a bunch of makeup.
are these dudes?

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The second one has a certain degree of sweetness that the first one doesn’t have.

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Number 2 but that could be because she had better a better photographer.

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The second girl looks nicer. More approachable. imo

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I will preface my answer by saying they are both attractive.

I find the first one more attractive than the second and it’s likely not the makeup or looking ‘hot’. I wasn’t so much looking at that, as I was shape of faces and noses and such. I happen to really like girls with kind of longer, oval faces like that. Plus, hint of a dimple? Yes, please. :)

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That’s a good and respected answer MissAnthrope. Would you say the other girl has more of a heart shape??

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I don’t think one is plain better looking. Different people are attracted to different looks. Personally I find #2 more attractive and more appealing as a way of being in the photos – she seems more open and friendly.

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I think #1 is prettier, but #2 is definitely cute too.

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Facade could u please explain why? Do you like her facial features better or is it the style?

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It’s her facial features. #2 seems to be more plain-looking than the other girl when it comes to their faces (aside from makeup).

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@evry1luvzaazngrl – I’d say diamond-shape, which is also the shape that people (in general) find most attractive on women.

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Miss Anthrope, are you sure about that? I always thought oval was considered the one that most people prefer because it’s versatile with different hair cuts and very proportionate

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I agree with @Facade. For my taste, the first girl is pretty to me while the second girl is cute. The second girl because of the way she’s photographed seems more approachable though, sweeter you could say. For me it’s the noses that differentiated the pretty from the cute but this is based on my taste only. I paid no attention to the makeup (I didn’t like either’s) or the clothes.

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What’s the difference between pretty and cute? I have always thought those were the same.

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@evry1luvzaazngrl: Megan Fox is pretty. The Olsen twins are cute. Angelina Jolie is pretty. Jennifer Aniston is cute. Ben Affleck is handsome. Matt Damon is cute.

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Ohh, lol I would say Megan Fox is HOT and Olsen twins are pretty before they got weird. Angelina Jolie is HOT Jennifer Aniston not at all. Ben Affleck is Okay Matt Damon I find better looking lol

I’d say it like this
Megan Fox is hot, Jessica Alba is pretty (both very attractive).

Hot to me is more sexual and spicy. Pretty to me is more soft, elegant looking, softer features.

Mila Kunis is hot and Natalie Portman is pretty (again…both attractive in different ways)

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Sorry, it’s rare that I’ll like an asian chick, they tend to remind me of my mom so it’s a no to both.

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find nothing attractive about Megan, but I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful. ;)

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King Pariah: I use to not like Asian guys because I felt like they were related to me (my brother). Ever since my ex and I broke up though and I found this cute Asian guy I just happen to be attracted to I don’t mind Asian guys now! LOL You never know….I never thought I’d date an Asian guy and he’s awesome ;)

Jonsblond since you picked the 2nd I see that you like a certain type of look lol. More of the softer nicer look rather than the spicy. If ya know what I mean.

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2, because she looks friendly.

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Call me a pig, but I’d do em both. Why choose just one?

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Sorry, I just don’t see the point in isolating differences between the options provided. And I certainly don’t see any benefit in using either one of them as any type of fashion or style role model.

I’d be more inclined to compare the trends set by industry professionals, say classic vs contemporary.

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I think they are both attractive. I think number 2 is prettier.

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Not the type of women I’d consider attractive. #2 seems like a nice girl though. Pleasant smile.

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Number 2 has a more genuine smile, so I vote #2.

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The second girl is wearing less makeup and seems, based from appearance only, less fake and more real.

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@evry1luvzaazngrl What’s the difference between pretty and cute? I have always thought those were the same.
• Cute: Not pretty but far from unattractive.
• Pretty: Can equal attractive will turn about 6 heads out of 7.
• Beautiful: A head turner than will get an average 7 looks out of 10.
• Gorgeous: Stunning, 8.5 to 10 out of 10, with even women looking in awe.

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Eh, no offense, but neither of them really do it for me.

I’m not really attracted to Asian women. Sorry.

Addendum: if I had to pick, I’d go with the first one.

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I think you could have chosen better looking girls !! but I guess 1

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