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What do you think about an anger gene?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) July 27th, 2011

It was actually called a “warrior gene” on Dr. Phil yesterday. Here is a link to the Dr. Phil website regarding the episode. They stated that ⅓ of men have the gene, and it is more rare in women.

What does this mean to you? What questions or thoughts on the topic pop into your head? Does it help you be more understanding of people who have quick tempers? If you have a quick temper is their some relief in knowing it is built into your DNA?

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I think it’s a great idea.

More seriously, I’m scpetical – how can one gene be present in more men than women? Did they define “gene” on this program, or was it just another opportunity to talk essentialist bollocks about gender?

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A lot of ones temperament is hardwired, true, but…if one’s behavior is causing problems it can and should be modified. I don’t do chronically angry people, major red flag and tells me that they have some serious unresolved emotional issues that need to be addressed.

Being bold, assertive and a take charge type is not the same as unbridled anger.

As Dr. Phil also says….” and how’s THAT workin’ for ya?” lol

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@the100thmonkey It works like color blindness I think, found much more often in men, because of where it lies on the X chromosone I’m guessing. I’m thinking maybe you need to be homozygous if you are a woman for it to express itself. Not sure.

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Maybe it does make folks act a little Wilder!

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Did I just rip your face off? It must have been my anger gene expressing itself. I am sceptical of this fashion of explaining our behaviour in terms of our genes. The kind of people we are may be partly explained by our genes but we have to take responsibility for our own actions.

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I read that they had isolated an optimistic gene – which made sense to me; there are always smiling, happy optimistic people in the gutter (sometimes literally) and pessimistic, depressed people who have all the money in the world.

Why not an anger gene?

Some things are called chemical imbalances, some call them mood swings. Some swear by psychiatry, others hypnotism or medication.

I think there’s truth in all of those – the trick is to find the right one for the individual.

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Zen’s back! Yay!!!

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At long last they have discovered the gene that causes shyness. (They found it hiding behind another gene).

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I think it’s entirely possible. And it would likely be something passed on to your children, sort of like fat genes. You know that saying, “She got her daddy’s temper”? It’s true; I got my daddy’s temper. And my mother’s ass. God bless my parents. =0)

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Here is a fascinating article that offers an explanation from a neuroscientist’s point-of-view.

While we have the ability to modulate our actions- it appears as though we are not always in control.

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Link doesn’t work for me.

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Doesn’t work?

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It doesn’t absolve people of their responsibility to learn to control their tempers.

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Of course not, but have you never had an “emotional outburst”? Have you ever said anything “you didn’t mean”? We refer to these things as “momentary lapses in judgement”... More specifically they are momentary lapses in control. @Cupcake, Don’t assume everyone has the same ‘mental tools’ available- some people never get their mind right (relative link with question asked today).

Basically, I’m saying there are varying degrees of responsibility- to an extent. Unless you are diagnosed with some specific neurological disorder, you are fully culpable for your actions.

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I don’t know about this. I didn’t take a look on the site but I know this. A few years ago people were a lot more calm. And the more years pass the more angered people seem. If you just make an observation to someone most get really aggressive nowdays. I have to admit I got it in me too. Sad fact here.

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I think that there is probably a gene for all kinds of temperaments. I’ve always believed nature over nurture.

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Please spare me. And Dr. Phil? Yeah, please spare me. I think very little of either.

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