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How do I get a license to sell my homemade wine?

Asked by rodydoe89 (356points) July 27th, 2011

I live in Alabama. I do not own a store in which I wish to sell my homemade wine. I want to have local wine stores sell my homemade wine for me. What kind of licenses and permits do I need in order to do this? Do I need any kind of permit from the local health department?

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There are some numbers in this article
I would call them and ask.

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Thank you! That is extremely helpful!

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You need at the least, federal and state licenses, and, depending on where you live, city or township licenses. When my homebrewing husband looked into this for his own dream-fulfillment purposes, he found it was far too expensive for a small-time home-scale vintner to manage, but we live in Michigan, not Alabama. Good luck. The biz is certainly tilted to the Big Boys.

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