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How long will this frozen food last?

Asked by Kokoro (1416points) July 27th, 2011

If food that was cooked in December of 2010 has been kept in the freezer, can it still be eaten today?

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I would eat it.

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Yup – I would eat it.

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It’s probably safe, but the texture of it will have most likely deteriorated and won’t look or taste the same, due to ice crystals forming.

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Kind of depends on what it is and how it was packed. Soups and sauces should still be good. Meats may have gotten freezer burned if not packaged properly, it will still be edible, it just won’t taste as good.

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Don’t know may be a week or 3–4 days.

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Yes, there may be some loss of quality, but it would be edible.

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The more fatty a food is the faster it will spoil, so maybe take that into consideration before you eat it.

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Meats and vegetables?

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